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Leehom's Bio Part-1 : 1976 - 2001

To be honest, I didn't have any plan to put Leehom's bio at wonderHOM, as I was not sure if all the information was accurate. But actually, some are correct, and some are really "preciously cute" that I want to keep them here. For more accurate information, visit Leehom's official website:

Alexander Wang Lee Hom

17th May 1976

Rochester, New York, USA




English, Mandarin, Cantonese, French

Violin, piano, guitar, drums, vibraphone, accordion

Musician (singer, lyricist, composer, producer), actor, graduate college student

  • Sutherland High School, graduated Valedictorian. Scored perfect on the SAT. National Merit Scholar (highest honor for US k-12 schools).
  • Williams College, BA with honors - Major in Music. Minor in Asian Studies (Williams College is Harvard's cousin).
  • Berklee College of Music, currently attending for MA degree.
Family members: Parents, Older brother (+3yrs), Younger brother (-9yrs)
Horoscope Sign: Taurus
Chinese Zodiac: Dragon
Blood group: O+
Horoscope: Taurus
Favourite Colour: Blue
Favourite Foods: Peking duck, pizza, Japanese cuisine, grapefruit juice
Favourite Artists: Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Prince, George Michael, Sting
Favourite Sport: Baseball
Favourite Subject: Jazz piano
Favourite Pet: Dog
Favourite Attire: T-shirt and jeans
Favourite Entertainment: Baseball, symphony orchestra and concerts


1976 - LeeHom was born in Rochester
1978 - LeeHom's ambition was to become a policeman or a cowboy
1979 - Started to sing
1981 - LeeHom played with magic stuff, learned to draw and do somersaults (LeeHom can do the splits!)
1982 - He started to learn violin and went into primary school
1983 - Started playing baseball
1984 - Learned how to play the piano and followed his elder brother as a newspaper boy
1985 - Younger brother, Lee Kai, was born and LeeHom became a young babysitter
1987 - The season of baseball, LeeHom joined a summer camp

1989 - 13 years old
  • Joined Rochester Philharmonica Youth Orchestra. He was the youngest violinist in the group.
  • Recommended to John's Hopkins University's 'Young Talent Search Program'
  • Awarded Model Student High Honours Awards.
  • Took part in school's musical "Once Upon A Matress".
1990 - 14 years old
  • Enrolled in Pittsford Sutherland Middle School. 
  • Played in musical "Bye Bye Birdie". 
  • Awarded Model Student High Honours Award.
1991 - 15 years old
  • Started to compose and write songs
  • Performed in "Music Man". 
  • Was the pitcher for the school's baseball team. 
  • Won 'Phenomenal Freshman Award'. 
  • Won 'Most Musical Student Award'. 
  • Won 'Character Development Award'.
1992 - 16 years old
Performed in musical "Briyadoor".

1993 - 17 years old
his drawing, "Eagle", won him an award and he also won in a thesis competition

1994 - 18 years old
  • Performed in musical "Kiss Me Kate". 
  • Graduated from Pittsford Sutherland High School or Monroe County High School (not too sure...) as the VALEDICTORIAN and role-model student that earned him NATIONAL MERIT SCHOLAR (USA's High School highest honour!)
  • After passing the Eastman Music School violin exam, Lee-Hom qualified for Williams College. 
  • Won 'National Merit Scholar'. 
  • Won 'Monroe Country Council Award'. 
  • Won the Pittsford Musical Inc. Musical Scholarship Award.
1995 - 19 years old
  • Performed in musical "Pippin". 
  • Performed in "King Lear". 
  • In December the same year, Lee-Hom released his debut Mandarin album titled "Beethoven, My Rival", which includes three songs written by himself "Listen to Rain", "Last Night" and "Hate to Say Goodbye".
1996 - 20 years old
  • Performed in musical "Merrily We Roll Along". 
  • In July, released his second album titled "If Ever You Heard My Song", in which Lee-Hom not only wrote the title track, but songs such as "Headline Rock", "Calling Me a Thousand Times", "As Long As I Have You" and "Better Off Alone", amongst others. 
  • Released his third album in December titled "Missing You", in which he composed two songs, "An Appointment For Your Love" and "Noah". 
  • Nominated for Ming Sheng Bao's Top 'Ten Newcommers'. 
  • Held his first concert in K K Disco.
1997 - 21 years old
  • Lee-Hom released his fourth album "White Paper", which contains five of his compositions "Wishing To See You Every Second", "Exile In Missing", "Homesickness", "Will It Still Snow In April" and "Dream Again". 
  • Music Director for Williams College Acapella Group called "Spring Streeters".
  • Nominated for "Best Foreign Male Vocalist". 
  • Nominated for "Top Ten Advertising Star".
1998 - 22 years old
  • In April, Lee-Hom directed, composed songs and wrote the script for his very own musical "The Bite That Burns", his final year thesis project. 
  • Lee-Hom released his fifth album in August, "Revolution". Half of the album's tunes are written and produced by him. 
  • Revolution sold 100,000 copies in a week.
1999 - 23 years old
  • Enrolled in Berklee Music School for vocal and jazz lessons. 
  • His song Revolution came in as one of the top 20 songs in Channel [V]'s top 20 songs prize ceremony. 
  • In MTV Asia's final year records, his album Revolution came in 13th with 17 weeks on the chart! 
  • In the top 10 singles for 1998, Lee-Hom's "Revolution" was one of the top 10 singles. 
  • Lee-Hom was nominated for 3 awards in Golden Melody Awards 1999, out of which he won the Best Producer and the Best Male Singer. 
  • He released his sixth album Impossible To Miss You on June 24. 
  • Held his concert which sells tickets in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with the Kuala Lumpur Symphony Orchestra on July 17. 
  • Second concert in Taipei. 
  • TVBS top 15 hits - "Impossible To Miss You". 
  • Stopped studies for a semester. Took up singing lessons from teacher recommeded by Sony. 
  • Nominated for Best Producer and Best Male Singer Revolution album in Singapore Hit Awards. 
  • Lee-Hom won the Best Producer Award in the Singapore Hit Awards 1999 on 13 November. 
  • Lee-Hom did his first voice over of a cartoon character in Iron Giant. 
  • Lee-Hom wrote his first song for other singers. A-Mei's "Love Will Never Disappear" was recorded in her compilation album which was released on 30th December 1999.
2000 - 24 years old
  • "Impossible To Miss You" single came in 22 in 1999 Top Singles. 
  • "Warmth" won the runner up award for the Best Duet Award in Jade Solid Gold (Hong Kong). 
  • Lee-Hom got the GOLD award for the Most Promising Newcomer in RTHK's 22nd Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs. 
  • "Julia" came in as one of the top 20 songs in Channels [V]'s top 20 songs prize ceremony.
  • In the Chinese Music Conference, "Impossible To Miss You" was one of the top 10 albums of 1999, "Crying Palms" got the top 10 singles of 1999. 
  • In the 11th Golden Melody awards, Lee-Hom was nominated for 2 awards, Best Composer ("Crying Palms") and Best Male Singer ("Impossible To Miss You"). 
  • Lee-Hom become the spokesperson of Cotton USA. 
  • Released his 7th album, "Forever's First Day", on June 8. He produced the entire album and composed 10 out of 11 songs. He also wrote the lyrics for 5 songs! 
  • Lee-Hom came in as the Best Male Singer (Taiwan) in MTV Asia's Annual Award Ceremony. 
  • Filmed his first movie co-staring Aaron Kwok, Ruby Lin and Norika Fujiwara
  • Became the 'Captain' for Taiwan 's 'Special Rescue Unit.'
2001 - 25 years old
  • Released 8th album "The One and Only" on September 27th, 2001
  • won three awards at Malaysian Golden Melody Awards:
  • Best Album Producer - "The One and Only"
  • Best Male Composer
  • Top Ten Golden Melodies - "The One and Only"
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