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A Post from Leehom on my Birthday

HA! Everyone must think I got a message from Leehom on my birthday, (how I wish!!) but actually.... I was soo happy that, after 5 months of no updates, Leehom suddenly posted something on his FB wall TODAY. And today is my birthday!! So, I considered it as a birthday gift for me... LOL!

Thanks to Google Translator that I know Leehom attended the Opening Ceremony of Shanghai World Expo Hall in Taipei yesterday, May 1 2010 at 10AM. Sina mentioned something about museum and that Leehom was a big star that day.. coz half people who came were actually there to see him.

Leehom posted the pictures at his official Facebook. I have no further information yet, coz he didn't say anything in there. All I can say is ... gosh! he's so gorgeous in that suit!!

Leehom's Official Facebook
sina - translated using google translator


Karen said...

lol...that is a great present. Happy birthday!

emajanti said...

Thank you :) Yeaa.. I was so happy coz he posted it today :)

Anonymous said...

your birthday on 2nd may....mine on 3rd may...we're born in may...same with lee hom...hahahahaha.....

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