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Leehom as the Sole GuestStar at Usher's Beijing Concert

Leehom was appointed as the only guest star at Usher Beijing Concert, 11 July 2010. The news said, Usher did some homework to find more information on Leehom, he appraised Leehom's constant pursue of blending West and East music and respect Leehom's value towards the environment. And Usher is very serious and cares a lot about this performance, he specially sent a video of his rehearsal in the States to Leehom, hoping to strike some chemistry with him on their first collaboration.

Previously, there were some other singers listed, big names such as Jay Chou, David Tao, Will Pan, Han Gend (sorry, I dont know who are the last two).. but now it's confirmed that it will be "only Leehom" * hey! it sounds familiar! Sorry lame joke.. LOL*

I said it's a pretty amazing opportunity for Leehom to bring his music to the world. It is his dream that the world knows more about Chinese music, and it is my dream to see Leehom in an international spotlight, broader that it is right now. Leehom deserves it.

I'm just dying to find out ... what Leehom songs that Usher listened to and what songs that Leehom will sing in the concert.

source: cpopaccess & AF (Gibberish)


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