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New Song: Things You Never Knew [Full Version]

06 Aug 2010

Leehom sang his new song "Things You Never Knew" at Xin'anJiang Tourism Festival 2010. However,

I dont know why, the first time I heard it.. I really thought it was a lip-sync. I've been a fan for more than 4 years, I know that there's not a single time he sang song exactly the same as in the CD.

Not that I'm complaining, I believe he has reasons, things like minus-one background music was not ready yet or maybe if it's ready, there's a technical problem, or worst Leehom was not fit enough to sing live... happened.

Although, I hate the idea of him 'lying' to the audience, if it really happened.. oh well, it could be the organizer's fault, it could be his management's fault and it could be his fault.... he is human afterall.

The "live" performance :
Sorry i can't embed the vid.

The radio version :


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