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An Improv song from Leehom

his voice.... i'm melting.. dead.

few days later, he posted another video. He said the carton version of the song cracked him up. I bet it did.

I got some help on the translation and understood now that he was singing to thank you 48millions of fans who liked his weibo. He said, some fans are asking him to give away iphone 6 to all that 48m but sorry he can't. He's not a rich man, he is just a music man and movie man. he's not an i-phone man... hahahah..

Leehom New Song: Lose Myself

When first I heard that Leehom released a new song called "Lose Myself", I was like... another single? Not an album? Why...? I have been waiting impatiently for his new album.

When one of the fans asked him on his Weibo "what is the exact date of your new album release?" This question was the MOST LIKE question in the QnA (of course!) so he had to answer it. He then looked at the camera with and with this funny expression and replied.. "hey, I thought this QnA session is only for Lose Myself Single".. then he smiled and continued... "but since this is the most like question, I will reply..." I... at that time hearing him said it, was then stiffing my back.. literally, turning the audio louder and feeling that my heart bit faster.

Find out what he said about his new album here

I didn't know about Avicii until Leehom introduced him. When I first listened to the new song, I was looking for a duet, singing collaboration. And when the song ends, I was lost. Which part has Avicii's voice? All I can hear was all Leehom's. So I Google.

As always, Leehom gave us fantastic track. I have no doubt saying that this song has been composed and produced so well. Leehom keeps on trying and exploring new thing for his music and I love it. Enough said.

I can't say much about his MV because I'm not as that huge fan of MVs, I'm a total fans of his music itself. But as he's working with one of famous MV directors from US, Jeff Richter and the MV itself looks stunning ... I also think it's another great work of Leehom

the  MV

But ...
where do all the gaga gone now .... ?
I seem to lose myself from the gaga world of Leehom ....
Sad.. but for the first time ever, Leehom's new song was not on a repeat mode.
well.. i hope maybe its just becos of the eDM part...

Desperately waiting for Leehom's new album

ok. here's one honest post.

Haha. I was so confused about Leehom in the past few months. He's done commercial, like usual. He's doing concert, MusicMan.. again and again. He's done filming My Lucky Star, he's travelling to some countries promoting it, but not Indonesia, just as what I have predicted. He's done his free new year concert, just as what he did in the last few years. He's posting on his facebook with his random posts, nothing's extraordinary from his posts. Oh! He's married. That's a huge thing. But still... it was just another ok news for me. Was it, really? Or was it not? Well, it was shocking, at first. But look... I didnt even bother to blog it. So yeaaa... nothing came up that was really special about him in these past few months, I think.

Maybe there's one thing a bit on top of the list. It's a theme song for "My Lucky Star". It's not a very special song that it's now becoming my ring tone, but it's simply because it's a NEW SONG! Also, there's an old song he sang it differently in his free new year show that has immediately caught my attention, click here to watch it. I love it because the new version was so different that the original and that now I can understand the meaning. So excepts those 2 songs... everything about his was just ok. Really.

So I got confused. He seems to lose the "wow" factor on me. He needs to urgently do something to not lose me. haha. yeaa right! :p

And last night, he tried.... in his "My Lucky Star" movie. *what are you guys thinking? LOL!!*

I got a chance to finally watch the movie with Eng subtitle, of course. It's an international movie, so it's called. Filmed in several countries, directed by one of the hollywood's directors, casts and crews were mixed between western and eastern, played in different continents, produced and starred by an international superstar, Zhang Ziyi. So there. I tried to get the wow out of it.

The movie was ........ light, funny and entertaining. That was all? yeaa I guess. Because in 4 hours later, when I woke up in the morning, I cannot remember anything but his big round nose. Haha! ROTFL!! I'm so sorry Leehom.. it's not my brain fog, it's really i think because the movie was just ok.

Leehom and his 'special' nose

However, aside to the facts that there were more critics than praises, the movie has hit more than double revenue target. That's what the wiki said, but it still not wow me. Maybe when this "Annihilator" movie is out, he will. I always love superhero movie or rather fictional characters.

But deep deep deep down in my heart I know one thing that he's really best at, one thing that will wow me, make me super excited... his new album! or at least one new song first.. please? He mentioned that he will release one in March 31st.

so here i am... desperately waiting.....

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