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Leehom's Ex Girlfriend

I don't want to get nozzy or even try to invade Leehom's personal life.. but really can't help... I just dont get it, why on earth that she decided to marry somebody else and left Leehom broken hearted.. Millions and millions girls out there are dying to be in her shoes.

But whatever the reason was, I want to thank her ... because of that sorrow and pain... some of Leehom's most beautiful ballads were born, included "Forever Love".

Ms Mary Bai at Leehom's first MV "Love Rival Beethoven"

Ms. Bai (now, right)
taken from Sina's blog and belongs to Our Home China


Salamiah Endut said...

is Ms Bai married? what's her latest update? man im soo sad just by the fact that leehom loves her sooo deep and yet they are not together now.. awww.. heartbreaking!

Anonymous said...

yup..because of the separation Lee Hom can make beautiful ballad song...i will support him forever...

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