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Leehom's Weibo Posts

Leehom never fails to amuse me. His talent, his performance, his look (oh yeaaa ...) and even his posts. They are unique, inspiring, touching, funny, some of them are amusing, and some are even too personal. I really think that he's somebody who's fun to be with, somebody you can laugh with and laugh at too. He's not gonna bored you. He's just simply 'adorkable' :)

The "I LOVE YOU' Screams
Nothing can make fans happier than to be able to shout "I LOVE YOU" to Leehom and he hears it. And it became even more special to say it in local languange.

Visit his youtube channel to hear all the gigantic screams from thousands of his fans in many different languanges/dialects.

Just an Ordinary Guy
Many celebrities hide them for some reasons like security, privacy and image. Not Leehom. He shares his private intimate moments with his friends and family. While other celebrities keep his family in a dark, Leehom posted their pictures in website. And sometimes the pictures were just too personal.. like a family dinner, a family vacation or hang-out times with friends.

Hang out with friends.. 

When you think that his life is all about music, well ... that is not totally true. Leehom actually has many other interesting thoughts too. Mind the text in the pictures, it's not me who translated it, it's Google. Lol!
He said, being in the middle of the sky, feeling like heaven is actually really close.
He's calling the stage his other home!
Funny and Amusing
When he started his Weibo which is now has the biggest followers among chinese celebrity (I read it somewhere wonder if it's true...), he promised to post at least once everyday. Many times he posted at time like very late and almost dawn. And even at such a weird time, he still got instant replies fans! He posted many bizarre things from a simple "good night" to a series of his pet picture, from the updates of the US president election to a  happy birthday wishes for Nelson Mandela, from a landscape picture he took from his hotel room to a picture of his own food.
at 3.30am and he said he had a press conference in the morning. Look at the brand, he's such a good endorser.
Leehom and the view from his many hotel's rooms. When I said he's not gonna bored us.. he may have been bored himself. LOL!!

Taking picture from the plane
There must be something about foods, as he posted a lot about his foods. And I think Leehom's fave is lobster!
even the lobster posed his fave pose
he's taking picture of his team' supper
reminded his fans to use 're-usable' chopstic, the souvenirs of this "Change Me" album
late at night tea with special tea set from fans
foods.. foods.. foods..

want a bite?
Funny Posts
He seems to have many things to share with his fans, and some of them are if not weird .. interesting. LOL!!
He said, once I arrived in HK, I see the building as seen in HK dollar.
in this picture, he's commeting something about Darwin's theory. LOL!
Leehom's talking to the hotel's window cleaner. I hope the worker was not shocked and he felt of the window.. bhahaha!
Same pose in Paris and Taipei, not creative. But the text were. He said .. the Eiffel tower was not that heavy..
I dont know what he's talking about in this post. I think he said, he's hungry but he's scared of the dog. Hahaha..
This one really made my day. His other job was revealed!!
Dao Bu Dao, the second most famous chicken in the world, after KFC!!
"The first day after arriving in Yunnan, I saw an orphan baby Chicken. It won't stop calling! That's why we eventually call it "Dao Bu Dao"! This is its 1st day. These few days found out that it can really eat! We're staying here for 1 month, waiting for it to grow and then share it with you all." (translation from: ourhome indo facebook)
After several days he posted again.. 

Then, another several days he said, problem came. He didnt know whether it's a rooster or a hen. He let fans to vote.
Translation from our home indo: "0614 - Dao Bu Dao made an appearance in [Wu Wen Xi Dong]! The narration for the picture is: "Director said that your performance just now was very good! Tomorrow I am flying to Xi An getting ready for a concert, don't think about me too much!"
And even when he's not in Yunnan, he asked somebody to take picture of Dao Bu Dao
And just recently he said goodbye to his suitcase.
Translation from our home indo: "1026 - Dear suitcase, thank you for accompanying me for the past 10 years. Went around the world countless times, protected my big and small stuff and you're never went missing! This time you are broken, I think this time you tell me, "Must replace to new one." Ok~
As he promise to post once everyday, he posted earlier while in Paris before going on board for 15 hours. How thoughtful..
It's just too bad I dont understand Chinese. I'm sure he wrote many other funny, amusing, sometimes weird but also touching posts that will crack someone's day. LOL!!


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oh.. thanks for the info. and thanks for stopping by and reading my blog :)

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