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Open Fire - Wang Leehom Greatest Hits 1998-2011

Wang Leehom Greatest Hits 1998 - 2011
Release Date: 30 Sep 2011
Sony Music Taiwan

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These are the CD tracks list.

CD - 1

1. Open Fire
2. Still Love You
3. Heroes of Earth
4. All the Things You Never Knew
5. Change Me
6. Kiss Goodbye
7. Simply In Love With You
8. You Are Not Here
9. Love Love Love
10. Mistake in a Flower Field
11. Wrong Love
12. W-H-Y
13. Astrology
14. I Can't Stop Loving You
15. Forever Love

CD -  2
1. Wei Yi
2. Revolution
3. Simple Song
4. Heartbeat
5. Big City Small Love
6. Sun and Moon of the Heart
7. Loving You is Loving Me
8. Who are You Thinking of at this Moment
9. Can You Feel My World
10. Falling Leaf Returns to Roof
11.You are the Song of My Heart (duet with Selina)
12. Spring Rain Washed Away the Sun
13. Another Heaven (duet with Jane Chang)
14. As Time Goes By (duet with Tony Bennett)
15. Dream Again
16. Remix

And I am just an "Insanely Crazy Fan", because I only guessed 16 of the songs correctly. See my song list, here.

I'm not happy with the title... I could be an "Insanely Super Crazy Fan" or I think I can be a "Insanely Super Die Die Crazy Fan", if only I took the song list from 1998 album. I thought, since he already had "EVOLUTION Album" that had songs from "Revolution (1998)", "Wei Yi (2000)"

But anyway.. some songs really surprised me.

  • Astrology and As Time Goes By are the 2 most shocking songs. I was really clueless that those 2 songs are included. 
  • I actually had some feeling that Selina duet and Jane Zhang duet will be included. And they were, so my guess could have been correct that it's for a business reason.
  • I Can't Stop Loving You and Dream Again. Friend told me that those will be the Japanese version and I think so too, because Leehom put the English title of the songs. Can I wish that the Dream Again to be in English?
  • Who are You Thinking of at this Moment. I loveeeeeeee this song so very very much. And I am extremely happy that Leehom included it. This is a gorgeous song with a gorgeous guitar play. I wonder why he never sang it alive. The song totally deserves more recognition.
If I had guessed it from "Revolution" and "Wei Yi".. I would have added 5 correct guesses and that would make me an "Insanely Super Crazy Fan"


PK said...

I love that you update your blog in English. I can't read nor speak Chinese but I am a huge fan of Leehom.

I will drop-by to your blog more often as I, now, found someone with the same interest ^^

BTW do you have FB we can be friends there also^^

Kamil said...

all the songs are very good but a shame that there is no "Ni He Wo" (i love this song) :) and thank you, becacouse i don't understand chinesa(i from poland)... you write english...

Emajanti said...

Hi PK,
we're friends at facebook now :)
Thanks for reading my blog.. yeeaa I have this weird hobby of collecting any leehom things haha.

Emajanti said...

Hi Kamil,
Ni He Wo is one of my fave too.

I hope I can update my blog often... works *sigh*

joelliea said...

I got 16 songs corrected, if I didn't miscount it. And I'm ecstatic to find "I Can't Stop Loving You" is included. I need that obscure Japanese version. I deleted "Dream Again" from my list cause I really didn't think he would include any Japanese version, so I bet only on ICSLY. I was wrong.

Unknown said...

hi..nice post..
just want to ask..
are the repackaged songs just the same with the old song or there any rearranged or remix?
thx :)

Emajanti said...

Hi Edwin, they are all the same as the originals. And thanks for reading my blog :)

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