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Let's Break Leehom's Heart

I know he's busy touring "MusicMan Concert". I know he's also busy doing some commercials, from selling shoes to milk...

And I know he's busy jumping from one hotel to another. But I didnt know that he can be a hotel's salesman as well. Well, he promoted an online hotel's reservation site. He even added that maybe one day he can stay at his fans house too. Did he even think when he said that? I mean, who wouldn't want that? I would want to be the first to sign-up, but ... ummm.. maybe not, unless it is classified, you know what I mean?

In his free times, he's also touring around the city in his cart.

Out of those busy moments, he looked so happy to be with his family and hang out with his friends.

And enjoying "cendol" in Malaysia. BTW, did he know that actually cendol is traditionally and originally from Indonesia?

But.. but....

Where's his new music, new song? I need new songs, please... I need new beautiful ballads just like the old times when he's breaking up with his girlfriend.

I guess, his most beautiful ballads are really coming from those heart-broken moments. If it is what it takes to create beautiful ballads again.. can somebody please break his heart?????? *LOL*

Music Man Concert with Augmented Reality

I was doing a marketing campaign for my Q212 and planning to have it in an augmented video. Nothing much to say but two things: complicated and expensive.

Then one day, I saw Leehom's Music Man concert in Malaysia, Feb 2012 in youtube. Leehom is sooo ahead me or maybe I am soooo way way behind technology, LOL!. While I was just planning for it, he has done it.

Click here for the definition of Augmented Reality by Wikipedia, if you happen to wonder what it is.

Fall All Over Again

I admit. Sometimes busy, sometimes lazy, but some other times.. I just feel bored and flat.

Last year Leehom was not too productive, only 2 new songs: Open Fire and Still Loving You. Maaan .... that's really not enough. Well, he is busy.. but not producing new songs. He was busy touring his "MusicMan Concert 2", doing some commercials and maybe setting up his own label company.

And since I had been to MusicMan Concert 1 in Taipei in 2008 (I just realized he's doing MusicMan Concert for 4 years already, LOL!), and there's no MusicMan Concert 2 in Jakarta (oh yes, I am so going if there is), and I have been extremely busy with works too... so yeaah... I found myself less excited. Proof? Eeeeee..... look at the numbers of my post last year and compare it to a year behind it.

People said as the years pass us by, love can also fade away. No matter how much you adore someone, you will still need work it out to keep the fire burning. I think, feeling is just like a muscle. You need to train and exercise to keep it strong and beautiful. Hahaaa.. suddenly I'm all about muscle. I know just where it came from. Check here.

He's skinny but look at his biceps. *drolling*

Working on my "muscle" to stay strong is easy.
I mean, seriously, look at him, he's so adorable and loveable and sexyyyyyyyyy.... .

Just one simple look and ... I fall all over again.

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