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My Lucky Star - the Movie

Here are the collection of information, pictures, trailers and anything I can find on Leehom's newest movie: My Lucky Star.

But before I start .. let me say something first. I have never been excited about his movies more than his music. I feel a little bit disappointed that he is now working more on movie than album. I dont know why, after reading some critics and reviews of this movie, I was like... I knew it!!

Most of them said the movie is not that good, they said Leehom is also said as not performing his best. I can't say whether it is true or not, as I have just watched the first 10 min of it. I stopped because there was not English sub.

Someone posted the whole movie in youtube already. Lol! But I'm not gonna share the link here. I just can't believe some people.. they call themselves fans but look what he did. Putting the full length of a new movie in youtube, during the premier weeks? Wonder where did he get it from ? Is the DVD out already?

I am just curious whether it will be played in Jakarta soon. I will, OF COURSE go and watch!! Maybe twice.. or even three times :) and will also buy the DVD.

The trailer

Some pictures of the movie and from the Press Con

The Soundtrack
I'm not too disappointed, though. Leehom and Ziyi gave us a cute song.
And thanks so much OurHome Europe for the Eng translation of the song.
Click here for the lyric


If Leehom were a Gay

Oh, I know .. I used to say that it's none of my business and I was also firmly telling everyone that I don't really care about the gossip... but, today I made it my business because I love and respect this guy a lot.

Today I had time to relax and browse on the internet about... of course Leehom. I haven't done this for quite some times now... *sigh... I wish I had more time. At first I thought his random facebook posts, his daily weibo, his rarely wechat message, his Android application can satisfy my hunger.. but no. When it comes to Leehom, I always want more.

And today's search led me to this website. Yeah!! An English site! I should be happy, but there's this ancient rumor which to my own surprise is now bugging me. People said, there's no smoke without fire.... and for the first time in my entire "Leehom fan-worship world".. I

So ... this is what will happen (to us, Leehom and me, lol!) if Leehom were really a gay.

  1. First, I will replace my laptops and mobile phones screen background. Yeaaa.. it does look weird if I put a gay smiling face there, right? Right.
  2. I will change my phone's ring tone with a default tone... just a normal "ring ring" is fine
  3. I will spend lesser and lesser time browsing and searching for Leehom. Besides his works, I will probably have no interest anymore on other things, until someday I maybe will have this conversation; Friend: "Leehom's new song is really nice". Me: "oh? he has a new album?"
  4. I will start collecting other songs from other musicians.. hmmm... something classy maybe?
  5. My "treasury Leehom's box" will move from a premium place on my living room to a storage room under the stairs and will be dusted monthly, if my maid is not lazy.
  6. I will have to think and re-think and think again whether I should buy the original album or just download it from internet. Oh well, my friend swore she is a fan, but she never buys the original. *smirking to .....*
  7. This blog will lose readers and visitors..... as no new post will be published
  8. Lastly.. I will start looking for "Ling Yi Ge Tian Tang" and do 1 to 7 in reverse.

Yeap! I made it personal now. 
I would be lying  if I said I don't care. I care! And it will hurt me badly if it's really the truth. Not only that he had been covering up and telling a lie to everyone, but most importantly is that ... it will appear to me that he is a man without fear of the Lord God. 

If Leehom were really a gay, I will lose my respect to him and I will eventually lost my interest on his works too.

I got a reply on facebook asking why can someone stop loving a person if he's gay.
well.. I said I will lose respect and that will effect my interest to his music. Whether I will still love him ... time will tell, but I will pray that oneday he will find the Truth that will set him free.

# # # # # # # #
I still believe in what he said, that he is a man of honor.
I still believe that whatever I read was just a crap.
I still believe that I don't have to do that 1 to 8.
I still believe that I'm a huge fans... 
and that he is my "Ling Yi Ge Tian Tang"

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