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My Lucky Star - the Movie

Here are the collection of information, pictures, trailers and anything I can find on Leehom's newest movie: My Lucky Star.

But before I start .. let me say something first. I have never been excited about his movies more than his music. I feel a little bit disappointed that he is now working more on movie than album. I dont know why, after reading some critics and reviews of this movie, I was like... I knew it!!

Most of them said the movie is not that good, they said Leehom is also said as not performing his best. I can't say whether it is true or not, as I have just watched the first 10 min of it. I stopped because there was not English sub.

Someone posted the whole movie in youtube already. Lol! But I'm not gonna share the link here. I just can't believe some people.. they call themselves fans but look what he did. Putting the full length of a new movie in youtube, during the premier weeks? Wonder where did he get it from ? Is the DVD out already?

I am just curious whether it will be played in Jakarta soon. I will, OF COURSE go and watch!! Maybe twice.. or even three times :) and will also buy the DVD.

The trailer

Some pictures of the movie and from the Press Con

The Soundtrack
I'm not too disappointed, though. Leehom and Ziyi gave us a cute song.
And thanks so much OurHome Europe for the Eng translation of the song.
Click here for the lyric



Rebecca said...

oh, gosh.. he is soo handsome with that pistol in your slide show, Em ... drooling

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