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Leehom "Cuts The Strings" with the help of Mayday's Ashin

Leehom Wang’s latest track “Bo Ya Cuts The Strings (伯牙絕弦)” marks his second collaboration with Ashin of Mayday after "Beside the Plum Blossoms" in 2005. The song was inspired by the famous story of Bo Ya and Ziqi (伯牙與子期) from the Spring and Autumn Period (春秋時代). Leehom had wanted to pen the lyrics himself, but after three days without any sleep or lyrics, he went to Ashin for help. Leehom was apparently so satisfied with the results that he called Ashin a “Genius Contemporary Lyricist”!

In the lyrics of "Bo Ya Cuts The Strings", it described the meeting of musician Bo Ya with his listener Ziqi, in which the latter could understand his music like no other. As the song title suggested, Bo Ya cut the strings off his guqin (a string instrument) after he found out Ziqi has died. The story resumed a thousand years later with the musician playing his melody again, dedicating it to the one who truly understands him.

The story of Bo Ya and Ziqi was also incorporated into Leehom's movie Love in Disguise. He played the role of Bo Ya, while costar Crystal Liu played Ziqi, along with his song "Bo Ya Cuts The Strings" as the movie's theme. In the music video, Leehom transforms himself into a modern day "Bo Ya" who travels back in time in search of "Ziqi". Unfortunately Crystal Liu was busy filming a new film at the time, so the production team found a lookalike that has long hair and plays the Guzheng. But on a closer look, she actually looks more like Sandrine Pinna than Crystal Liu.

Source: Cpopaccess

The official MV

personal note:
Even I've watched the MV, twice ok... I still don't get it. If Leehom is BoYa then why did the lady who cut the string... LOL! Yeaa I usually slow... ahahaah, maybe after a couple of watching. But I really love to see Leehom playing that GuQin. I hope Leehom will post the Vid on his youtube channel and put the English Sub, as usual.

Fans Review: 18 Martial Arts Album

I love this review, it gave me deeper understanding of the album. It's the privilege of being a fan who understand Chinese to be able to appreciate the album more than non-Chinese speaking fans. Gosh.... how I wish I'm expert in Chinese language and culture. I felt a little regret because back in college, I didn't take Chinese Major but English instead.

Source n Credit: Stellar Shadow

1. Dragon Dance
Not exactly what I had imagined a “dragon dance” would sound like. But this is one of the longest album intro I’ve heard so far. Most of it were excerpts of his latest movie, Love in Disguise. As for the actual lyrics part, he’s introducing his new Wushu of Music that’s fresh to our eyes and ears and remind ‘em why ’til the end he don’t quit. Great way to start another volume of his Chinked-out style.

2. 杜 U ♥ Me [Do You Love Me]
The melody starts of similarly as with several k-pop releases lately. This song is also part of his movie. 杜 was used as a play on words as this was the last name of his character, Du Ming Han, and also used as “do” in this song. He’s asking the female protagonist if she loves him. Very catchy yet too repetitive. It’s not his common style either so this is one of his new sounds as he mentioned in Dragon Dance.

3. 十八般武藝 [The 18 Martial Arts]
This song now starts with the Chinked-out style as traditional instruments were used for the intro. He’s saying he’s been away but now he’s back with more. Yes, this is CHINKED-OUT symphony, sent out to the entire world and I hope it does reach new ears this time around. Here’s to hoping people around the world will recognize the 十八般武藝 (idiom: versatility) of Leehom.

4. 你不知道的事 [All The Things You Never Knew]
Another song from the movie, this is the main ballad in the album. The piano melody is what you can always expect from Leehom’s ballads. Along with his powerful emotional vocals, this is the main ballad in the album.

5. 伯牙絕弦 [BoYa Cuts The Strings]
This song is based on a story about BoYa, a man who played a guqin. I had an opportunity to try and translate this song with a friend and I think the lyrics by Mayday’s Ashin and 831′s Ah Pu is just plain genius. They got to incorporate the story and the visuals well into the song. Part of the message says that knowing someone is to know someone’s music. The guqin instrumental at the end still gives me goosebumps whenever I hear it.

6. 柴米油鹽醬醋茶 [Firewood, Rice, Oil, Salt, Soy Sauce, Vinegar, Tea]
The first single off the album. This simple song, along with simple lyrics, written by Vivian Hsu, demonstrated well, the artist’s desire for a simple and normal life. He used the idiom 柴米油鹽醬醋茶, the seven things you need to have each morning (to open the door), which is basically just having the essentials for living. This is one easy song for KTV.

7. 美 [Beauty]
Warning: this song is extremely repetitive. But once you’ve seen the lyrics, you’ll realize that the repetitive “mei” is three different characters. 美 – beauty/beautiful, 媚 – charming, and 妹 – little sister. As with the earlier songs, he used a bit of ancient Chinese legends, The Four Beauties, of which two were mentioned in the song as an example of the beauty he was describing.

8. 需要人陪 [Need Someone By Your Side]
Another emotional ballad with a piano melody. Just by listening to his voice, you’ll know this is such a sad and lonely song. At his age, he might be starting to think that he’ll need to settle down soon so he feels the need to have someone just by his side. (Not too far off with track 6, about wanting a normal life)

9. 天涯海角 [Ends Of The Earth]
From the melody and vocals, this seems a little more hopeful. From being alone, now he has someone he wanted to be with that he’ll travel the Ends Of The Earth for them to be together. I found this song a little more sweet and lighter the the other ballads.

10. 你不知道的事(宋曉青 版本) [All The Things You Never Knew (Song Xiao Qing Version)]
A shorter version of the original song. It sounds more raw and unplugged which makes it sound more emotional. I prefer something as plain/unedited as this song over the more played original.

11. 自己人 [One Of Us]
Leehom ends his album with a special message with the help of some kids from Sierra Leone. Singing glory alleluia amen… African beats add a twist to his usual Chinked-out along with a little violin melody in the background. It makes the song more internationally tuned.

Before the album came out, I was actually expecting a more acoustic album but I wasn’t disappointed in knowing that most of the songs were more upbeat that I’ve expected. He came back with a new style of Chinked-out that’s truly new and refreshing even for long-time fans. As I had an opportunity to translate a few songs with a friend, I’ve discovered a new side of his music, lyrics and more of the legends of ancient China. His dream of having people more exposed to Chinese culture with his music will be easy to realize with this latest album that shows his versatility in the arts.

Leehom Won A Nobel Prize for the MOST ATTRACTIVE MAN 2010!!

When I found the title, I almost jumped off my chair! As if there's even a Nobel Prize for the Most Charming Celebrity, LOL.

The official announcement

The honor of being the winner

The "gaga" all over the continents:
Pls note: for ASIA, I think we will need the whole web to proof.

some jealousy from other male celebrities, of course :)

and Wang Leehom's reaction for the Award he won:

It's pretty hard to fully understand the article as it's in Chinese and Google translated whatever they wanted to translate, but yeaaa... JOKE is a universal language, just like music ... we can laugh at something we dont quite understand. So.... HAHAHAHAHAHA ...

Congratulation Mr. Wang Leehom. If there is such an award, you surely deserve it!

read the full article here 

Love in Disguise Free Gimmick

I have just browsed Our Home Singapore and found out that they are offering a beautiful handbag hanger exclusive for fans club members who preorder Love in Disguise DVD which will be out sometime in September... and I just want it sooooo bad! The preorder ends today :(

But..... I am  a die hard fan who's fighting and striving to get the best collection of my idol (those within my budget, of course LOL!) So, I've sent them an email and surprised! .. They replied me pretty quick like less that an hour. 

So, here I am declaring myself that I officially become one of the owners of that beautiful gift. Ho ho ho ...

As my friend complained about Leehom's picture in the comment, here was it coming from. Not so bad, rite?

Leehom VS Stallone

I always love people who are not afraid of making fun of themselves, laughing at themselves.. to me, that is sexy! And I was not surprised if Leehom is one of them, coz he's just "adorkably sexyyyy" .... yaaayy! I invented new English word. LOL!!

His movie "Love in Disguise" was doing really very well on the first week since it's launched. He's thanking fans and joking that he has to "fight" against Stallone's Expendables this weekend, hopes fans will still support A-De (his character in LID). Niceee ..... and I think it's really him who did the PS! LOL!!

I read there will be some spoofs in Love in Disguise, that he's doing it against himself or against others. Like for example: the gay gossip, the paparazzi, and Du Ming Han doing a toilet's paper ads. I read that he's making fun of celebrities who accept any jobs even a ridiculous one.

Ummm.... btw. I can't really imagine Leehom with a body like that...  uugh! He's better not because he will not be able to move and dance nicely while singing. He won't be able to stand on on one hand either (like he used to) .. the body is too  heavy. And his giant fingers may not be used to play guitar or violin or piano. Maybe just a drum. lol! But on the other hand.... I think it will benefit him. He will not need bodyguards anymore. ahahaaa.. Crazy crowd who are trying to pinch him will get nothing but a stony muscle.

Source: Leehom's FB

Did Leehom Lip-Sync?

Leehom's youtube channel "officialwangeehom" has just uploaded 3 new video of his "18 Martial Art" Press Launch held in Taipei on Aug 13. And there have been a discussion whether he did "lip-sync" in the event. Well, the answer is NO. He did not lip-sync, nor has to lip-sync... He is one of the greatest live singers in the world. He doesn't have to lip-sync. But why those 3 video really look like he did?

It's actually 3 "audio edited video" that had been uploaded. Leehom sang live on the event, but the original voice was replaced with the recorded voice, from the released CD. Oh yeaaah... *sigh of disagreement*

I have 7 points that "officialwangleehom" must not upload an audio-edited video:
  • it's an official channel, the source has to be original and credible. The channel has some sort of "responsibility" to provide the trustworthy quality video to protect Leehom's image.
  • the "edited-vid" is not professionally well-done. I know that his concert DVDs were edited, but I dont mind at all because I know it's for commercial purpose and professionally well-done. They recorded live, along with the conversation, cheers, applauds and fans scream. It's not just a voice over using contents from a released CD.
  • youtube is a free channel. Everyone can watch and comment, sometimes the comments are just irresponsible and ignorant for the whole world to read. So you decide yourself, is it good for Leehom himself?
  • fans who understand that it's an edited vid, have to defend Leehom and posted clarification again and again and again for others who posted a comment like "it's a lip-sync" without reading the other comments first. Ouch, I mean come on! That is not gonna happen if the vid are not uploaded, rite?
  • It's a free live event where everyone came with handycam. For me, it's just a shame if the audio coming from the same event is totally different from one another. It's like cheating, isn't it?
  • And last... Leehom doesn't need it. As I said, he is one of the greatest live singers in the world. His live performances are just as good as the recorded ones and even better because.... he is so damn good in doing improvisation (ad-libs). I collected many of his live performance and noticed that he always sings 1 same song differently. There are just too many proofs on this. Good example are his "WeiYi, Gong Zhuan Zhi Zuan (Revolution)" and most of his hits, he didn't sing them the way he recorded them in the CD. And I love him for that, a lot.
I have no idea whether it's Leehom's idea or not, but I personally think that if it's just a voice over edited video, "officialwangleehom" should not upload it. 

Here are the links to the 3 Video from Leehom's channel:
Part One (18 Martial Arts)  |  Part Two (Bo Ya)  |  Part Three (All the Things You Never Knew)

And here are the fan vid video to compare the singing :

18 Martial Arts

Bo Ya Cuts the String

All the Things You Never Knew

18 Martial Arts - Album Review

Unlike other fans who think Leehom’s new album "18 Martial Arts" is not that good, I, on the contrary love it so much. I mean, I love all the tracks of the album. So, I’m giving it 9 out of 10. And this is my first album writing ever since I become Leehom’s fan 4 years ago. I’m not someone who is expert on music let alone review it. It’s just from a personal point and for a sharing purpose only.

From some source that I found and limitedly understand, coz mostly in Chinese translated using Google translation, I read that Leehom continues his Chinked-Out Style with different approach. His “Shangrila” was using Tibet traditional music instrument. “Heroes of Earth” was using Peking Opera music. And this time, Leehom tried “Chinese classical music” and coined them with some modern sounds. And it’s a super well done!

01. Dragon Dance
It's a genius track. I dont know how many surprises he put into one song. Several different vocals from singing, talking, rapping, whispering, there's a female voice too, even one that sounds like somebody who's annoyingly sobbing. I don’t think all voices in this track is Leehom's only voice, but if it is... wow! his skill of impersonating others voice is really great. The music is awesome, sounds modern but mixed with traditional Chinese music instrument. The only thing's lacking is that it's too short. ENCORE! ENCORE!

02. 杜 U ♥ Me (Du U Love Me)
It's a very catchy song, very easy to like. This track shocked me the most, because I never thought I would like this song so much. I have always preferred Leehom's ballad, but for this one... it definitely wins over his beautiful ballad "Firewood, Rice...." It reminds me of his "Doll" in "Heartbeat", a playful song that sticks in your head. “Do you love me? Do you want me? Do do do do do, do do do do .... you love me??” YES I DO, LEEHOM!! I LOVE YOU, SO MUCH.

03. 十八般武艺 Shi Ba Ban Wu Yi (18 Martial Arts)
OMG! He did it again. Leehom proves himself once again as the master of chinked-out. I dont know what kind of traditional Chinese music instrument Leehom used in this track, but it sounds like I was watching a classical kung fu movie, just like watching Jacky Chan doing his drunken kungfu style. Although personally I think Heroes of Earth is better, but I love this song too. I love how he blends that classical sound with modern beat of an electric drum. A small note: the way Leehom sings "heeeeiy...." aarrghh... I’m just melting.

04. 你不知道的事 Ni Bu Zhi Dao De Shi (All the Things You Never Knew)
What can say? The first time Leehom shared the first 48 second of the song thru his FB, I'm already in love with it. It's like magic. The more I listen, the more I'm drawn to it. I'm so thankful to God who has let Leehom created such a beautiful beautiful song. it's just too perfect, the piano, the guitar, the background orchestra, the voice. Everything is perfect. Ok Ok... I will say no more. It's so easy to understand that everybody will love this song too.

The official MV, with English sub by Leehom

05. 伯牙绝弦 Bai Ya Jue Xian
It's the fifth tracks.. and so far I don’t have any complain yet. Not with this song too. I love it! It sounds like an easy listening song, but actually it has rich unique musical instrument that is composed and played beautifully. Leehom is just genius, and his voice is the best compliment to this song. Toward the end, at first I thought it's a bit annoying with that harpa (it's called "qin"), but as I listened more and more... again, it is actually beautifully arranged, composed and played.

06. 柴米油盐酱醋茶 Chai Mi You Yan Jiang Cu Cha (Daily Necessities in Life)
I notice a lot of people think that this song is too simple. But when there are so many others who are touched by and cried because of it... is it still too simple? Leehom has successfully conveyed an important message thru this song. Simple thing can really touch your heart. At first, I didn't really like it, I even complained about the way he sings "Wei wo men xian zai bu zai jia" on the second verse. But when I understand the meaning.. I agree with Leehom, it can be sang that way. He's genius. And after a few listening, it really grew on me.. On his youtube channel I commented that Leehom has transformed words "Firewood, Rice, Vinegar, Oil and tea" into a very beautiful song... Plus, the MV is also very good. So, yeah... it's great job!

The Official MV with English Sub by Leehom

07. 美 Mei
I don’t understand why this can be least fave track for some fans. To me, it's another catchy track that's been haunting my head and never fails to make my body and head move along with the melody. When they say it's too simple, is it because the lyric? I mean, almost the whole song Leehom just goes "ni ce me mei, ni ce me mei..." again and again. I'm sure the spelling is wrong (Lol) and I dont know the meaning either. But it's a nice song, it's a super nice song.

08. 需要人陪 Xu Yao Ren Pei
Another nice ballad, but I have to say that this song probably is not my fave ballad of the album. To me it's just too ordinary, nothing too special about it. I think, Leehom can produce song like this easily, like 10 songs in a day.. maybe. Lol. But I read many fans love it.. so I guess I've missed something here. Could it be the meaning? Any rough translation, please?

09. 天涯海角 Tian Ya Hai Jiao
I'm totally blown away .... I dont think I have ever felt like this with any of his latest ballad songs, except with “Trust and Losing You”. It’s his voice that makes this song so beautiful. It’s so soulful, so deep with emotion, an emotion I don’t understand.. but I believe it’s a sad feeling. I love this song so very very much. It’s a song that makes me fall in love with Leehom each and every single time I listen to it. I wish I can get the English translation soon.

10. 你不知道的事 (宋晓青版本) Ni Bu Zhi Dao De Shi (Song Xiao Qing Ban Ben)
Short version of All the things You Never Knew. I personally think this version is much more sadder than the previous one. Leehom always knows how to sing sad song so good. I think that is one of his dozens specialties.

11. 自己人 Zi Ji Ren
Wohooo! The first line is something I never expected coming from Leehom’s song. Is it a religious song? I dont know. But the violin part is so good and the whole song is also nice to listen to. A bit like reggee, a bit like an an African country music too, I think. However, I have to admit that this my least fave track from the album.  REVISED : after hearing to this song more, I really love it. It's not my least fave track anymore. And, aaaarghh... I can't choose which one that I dont like. I love all the tracks!

Just a note, please try to listen to Leehom songs using a headphone. We will appreciate the so many eclectic and unique sounds he put into one. And we can also enjoy his flawless voice, including a better sound of his soft sighs and other adlibs words like “oooh, yeah, hooo, heiiy, hmmm, uuuuh....., owoowoo...” that have been his trademark in all of his songs.

Let's visit some websites that show us the so many types of Chinese Instrument:
String Instrument
26 Traditional Chinese Instruments

18 Martial Arts Album Launch - Taipei

Some pictures and a great news to share from the event held in Aug 13, 2010

Quoted from Asian Fanantics:

Leehom new album 十八般武藝 [18 Martial Arts] reached no.1 spot in Taiwan G-Music Billboard in just 1 day after released..That's amazing as people usually release album on every Friday to accumulate sales til the next Friday..But Leehom release it on Thursday and reached the 1st spot the next day with 9.37% in whole Taiwan and 17.15% for Mandarin Albums Only sales..Congratulations to Leehom

Love in Disguise Taipei Premier

12 Aug, 2010

The premier in Taipei didn't look as grand as the one done in Beijing. I didn't see YiFei and other casts, only ChenHan and Leehom came. But there are some celebrities such as Jay Chou and Harlem Yu (well, those the only faces I'm familiar with, actually :D)

More Pictures from Our Home China

Leehom Bans the Release of Kissing Photos

Leehom Wang’s first directorial debut, Love in Disguise will be released on August 13, 2010. In the film, Leehom will portray a superstar who disguises himself as a student in a music conservatory school while pursuing love interest, Crystal Liu Yifei.

Leehom has secretly guarded footage of his kissing scene with Crystal and banned the photos from media circulation.

Placing great importance and involved heavily with all aspects of Love in Disguise’sproduction, Leehom worked on the script personally and insisted that the leading actress be Crystal Liu. The film allegedly cost $600 million (NT) to produce.

Allegedly, Leehom and Crystal were heavily engaged in their “romance” outside of filming. Leehom and Crystal often had dinner dates together and netizens noticed the pair even wore matching lovers’ bracelets. After filming a kissing scene with Crystal, Leehom immediately took the film footage away, banning the public release of the kissing photos. Suspicion arose as to whether Leehom was using the film to privately chase after Crystal, as evidenced by his overly protective gesture of their “relationship.”

Source: jayneystar

Official MV "All The Things You Never Knew"

Leehom posted it on his facebook today.

So beautiful... I was like not breathing while watching it. I can't wait for the movie. I think, I'm gonna really really love the movie.

New Song: Things You Never Knew [Full Version]

06 Aug 2010

Leehom sang his new song "Things You Never Knew" at Xin'anJiang Tourism Festival 2010. However,

I dont know why, the first time I heard it.. I really thought it was a lip-sync. I've been a fan for more than 4 years, I know that there's not a single time he sang song exactly the same as in the CD.

Not that I'm complaining, I believe he has reasons, things like minus-one background music was not ready yet or maybe if it's ready, there's a technical problem, or worst Leehom was not fit enough to sing live... happened.

Although, I hate the idea of him 'lying' to the audience, if it really happened.. oh well, it could be the organizer's fault, it could be his management's fault and it could be his fault.... he is human afterall.

The "live" performance :
Sorry i can't embed the vid.

The radio version :

18 Martial Arts Album Release

Fresh update from Leehom's facebook at 7PM, Aug 6 - 2010.

AlbumTitle: 18 Martial Arts
Release Date: August 13, 2010

Album Cover !!

4 Songs Preview from Leehom's New Album

Leehom is doing movie and album release together. He's been busy like hell for the last 2 months and will be super duper busy in a few months ahead. I seriously think he needs a break and gain his weight back. He's so skinny and it breaks my heart...

I dont think I can catch up with his schedule though. There were some events that I have missed. I hope I can post them all soon.

Here are 4 more teasers from Leehom's New Album "To Be Versatile". From the 4, I only know 1 confirmed title coz it's Leehom himself who said it on his facebook, during the online chat few weeks ago, called "All the Things You Never Knew"

The owner of the clip put below titles, but I would say that except for song no. 4, we have to wait for the official title of the songs :

1) 需要人陪 ( Needing someone's company)
2) 十八般武藝 ( 18 martial arts)
3) 伯牙絕弦
4) 你不知道的事 (Things you never knew)

Fave Song in order : 4, 3, 2, 1

Love in Disguise Beijing Premier

2 Aug, 2010

I didn't get any English news for this event, so let the pictures speak for themselves :) And I have to admit... darn! YiFei really looked stunning in the picture, so sexy and pretty. Did she try to make Leehom fall in love with her ?  :)

And.. here's the interview just for the sake of seeing those two pretty faces. Lol. How I wish I understand Chinese.. How I wish Leehom talked in English, how I wish there's a software that automatically translate youtube clips into any language we want...

Pictures source: Our Home China

What Can't Leehom Do?

28 Jul, 2010

Leehom visited hitFM to promote his new album as their Hito Star of Aug. His new album, I don't know the official English name for it yet, some say it's "To Be Versatile" but others say it's "18 Martial Arts". Actually, I think both names can compliment each other well, as in a recent interview published by China Daily (don't worry.. I guarantee it's accurate coz it's in English, hehe). He said "I just want to be a versatile artist"

"The 18 Martial Arts" describes that he can do many things... singing, composing, producing, directing, acting, dancing (huh?), playing music instruments... and many others. But is cooking also one of his 18 Arts??

It could have tasted just like normal sunny side up eggs, but ouch! what has Chef Leehom poured too much into it??? LOL!  I enjoyed every second of his expression, especially the one when the stove was suddenly off... it's so priceless..

He definitely can't cook, he needs a woman who can.
I can.. but I'm taken.. sorry... *bwhahahaa......*

Leehom Sold 13 Millions Copies of Album in 2009

According to IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry) data that has been released recently by WORD Magazine, Leehom is number one in album sales in China with total 13.000 copies, beats Jay Chou who has been in that position for 6 years in a row. However, if Google translated it correctly for me, during those 6 years, the highest selling record of Jay was 2.700 copies in 2002. I think it's a bit weird, coz 2.700 copies doesn't sound like a good sales for a singer as big as Jay. But then, when it comes to Pirated Issue, isn't that China the worst??

WORD said Leehom is the only Chinese artist with the highest selling album and almost as close as Elvis's in China. And for that, WORD put Leehom's picture on the cover together with other legends.

WOW!! What a news!
13 millions copies??!! WOW!! And was that in China only? I wonder it could have been a BILLION if pirated ones were counted. Lol.

The article said: "if U2 or The Rolling Stones were to tour China next week , they do so as Wang's support band" 

I remember last year when there was a saliva war between Leehom's record company with Show Luo. SonyMusic (Leehom's) said that Luo's company have bought the music chart to fix the sales record with following result :  Show at 32.32% of sales and Leehom coming in at only 12.82%.

So, with the released data from IFPI, does it mean that it's true? I don't know and I don't wanna know. All I care about is that I'm so happy that the news came in the very right time. It will help Leehom promotes his new album and his new movie... I hope.

Congratulations Mr. Wang Leehom. I'm so proud of you!

ChinaPress (in Chinese)
- WORD (only for paid subscribers)
- AsianFanatics (for the "saliva war" story)
- Our Home China (for the picture)
- IFPI (have tried to download the statistic data, but it's encrypted, anyone knows how to crack it? hahaha.... kidding)

On Jay's sales record and other data I posted here, I welcome any correction, except on the data that I used as the title. That is official and true. Don't question it or even try to correct it :)
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