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18 Martial Arts Album Launch - Taipei

Some pictures and a great news to share from the event held in Aug 13, 2010

Quoted from Asian Fanantics:

Leehom new album 十八般武藝 [18 Martial Arts] reached no.1 spot in Taiwan G-Music Billboard in just 1 day after released..That's amazing as people usually release album on every Friday to accumulate sales til the next Friday..But Leehom release it on Thursday and reached the 1st spot the next day with 9.37% in whole Taiwan and 17.15% for Mandarin Albums Only sales..Congratulations to Leehom


Nicholas Hendri said...

18 martial arts, probably it's come from " xiang long shi ba zang" or "18 tapak naga". the Arts which frequently appears in martial arts serials/movie.. CMIIW

Emajanti said...

Hi Hen, oh yeaa... i think you're rite. I read about it from Khoo Ping Ho book. Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog. I'm gonna need your help to translate the songs in the new album. hehehehe...

onleehom 王力宏 | TNB