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Leehom DID NOT Plagiarize !!!

Poor Leehom...
But I'm glad that he has wrote back thru his weibo and so grateful that wackychasew has translated it into English. Look at the time he uploaded the post, this poor guy must have stayed awake all night ...

Please read the English translation of Leehom's long writing about his new song "Open Fire" that has been accused as plagiarized other western' song. Original writing is here

Jia You, Leehom !!
I know you will never give up.
I believe in you.
I believe in your music and your talent.
And... I will support you forever.

love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love

I Really Really Hope You Like My New Album

So beyond cuteness
My heart has just melted....

Thank you for being here today, so nice of you to stay
I know, your life is changing recently but you are always by my side

Thank you for being here, for always be my friends
Even though I sometimes go away, I'm always in your heart

And I really really hope you like my new album
I really worked on it so hard
And I really really hope you like my new album
I really do, 'coz I made it for you

And this is the last thing I'm gonna say
I'll always love you in my own way...

*little note
This is the real voice of Leehom that I love the most.


Proudly Present Leehom's New MV "OPEN FIRE"

It's growing on me... finally.
I love the video and I love the beat of the song.
One issue, Leehom's voice sounds strange..
I love best when he used his thick voice like in "Noah"

But, it's not Leehom if he's not eclectic
it's not Leehom if he's not trying something new
and I'm proud of what he has accomplished
although I personally think he still doesn't get enough credit.
He so deserves more....

My List of the 28 Songs

Leehom is going to have 28 of his HIT songs,
plus 2 new songs in this new album, OPEN FIRE.

Since he already has "EVOLUTION",
he may have to start his 28 songs from his UNBELIEVABLE.

Full Discography of Leehom
Personal Album
Other Album
or at Wikipedia here

My 28 songs are:

Album: Unbelieable
1. You Are Not Here / Ni Pu Cai
2. Love Love Love
3. You and I / Ni He Wo
4. Can You Feel My World

Album: Shangri-la
5. Unleash Your Heart / Fang Kai Ni De Xin
6. Sun and Moon of the Heart / Xin Zhong De Ri Yue
7. Forever Love
8. Simple Song / Yi Shou Jian Dian De Ge
9. Wrong Love / Ai Cuo

Album: Heroes of Earth
10. Zai mei Bian / Beside the Plum Blossom
11. Mistake In a Flower Field / Hua Tian Cuo
12. Heroes of Earth / Gai Shi Ying Xiong
13. Kiss Goodbye
14. Wan Mei De Hu Dong / Perfect Interaction
15. Big City Little Love / Da Cheng Qing Chen

Album: Change Me
16. Gai Bian Zi Ji / Change Me
17. Falling Leaf Returns to Root / Luo Ye Gui Gen
18. Wo Men Ne Ge / Our Song
19. Ai De Gu Li / Encouragement of Love
20. Late Saturday Night

Album: Heart Beat
21. Love Appropriately
22. Heart Beat
23. Spring Rain Washed Away Sun
24. Everything
25. What's Up Rock

Album: 18 Martial Arts
26. 18 Martial Arts
27. All the Things You Never Knew
28. Boya Cuts the String
29. Firewood, Rice, Oil, Salt, Soy Souce, Vinegar, Tea

oops... that's 29!
I really really cant tell which one should be out from the list. hmm.... hard hard choice. If I have to pick, it will be "NI HE WO" as Leehom barely sang it live.

So that's my list. What's yours like?

New Album 2011, New Song

A true die die hard fan like me must have been expecting something not only extra-ordinary, but also extra-nice new songs coming from each of Leehom's new album. He's not like releasing album twice a year, - that would awesome, I'm not against it.. But he's not releasing it once a year either. So, I was always hoping that his album is something worth waiting for.

Define that worth waiting for.

Okay, that would be revealing the whole me worshiping his ballads, that's my first criteria. Then, it will have to come out with at least 20 new songs, haha! Third would be MV for each of the song, and ... last but not least, there are cute merchandises attached when we buy it.

I was a bit slow this year on the whole Leehom's things. I didn't update my blog, I didn't browse, I didn't even know that he is releasing new album this year. I'm still a die die hard fan, don't try to argue on that.

 Here are few information on the new album:

Title: Struck the First Blow 

I have to admit. After listening to it more than 5x... it still didnt grow on me yet, except on that " ai.. ai... part".  Some fans said it sounds like MJ's song.. no idea, really. I'm a bit lost with the new song.. so the next one better be ballad. Otherwise ........ nothing. I will still buy the album. hehe.

oh..*this line was added after 8x listening and after 10min the post was uploaded* I think the MJ part is coming from that "ah and ugh" .... the very famous signature of MJ. 

Hmm... I love to make a list of what are the 28 songs he's gonna put into the album and score myself with:
  • Insanely Super Die Die Crazy Fan,  if my list has 25 - 28 songs that are correctly matched 
  • Insanely Super Crazy Fan, if it is 20 - 24 songs are correct
  • Insanely Crazy Fan, if it is 15 - 19 songs are correct
  • Just an Ordinary Crazy Fan, if it is only 10 - 14 songs are correct
  • Super Duper Oneng Crazy Fan, if it is less than 10 songs are correct *
I'll share my list on another post.  

* those who don't understand bahasa, "oneng" means "very dumb"

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