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Bumped into Leehom

New Ads from Celcom - Malaysia.

I dont quite understand about this ads though. So this girl was bumped into Leehom, she screamed like crazy.. Leehom left. And then she suddenly forgot all about Leehom when she found her modem? Is that what it's all about? I dont get it. Coz if I bumbed into Leehom like that.... I think I'm not even aware whether I actually live or die. LOL!!

It is NOT Love at First Sight

So .. this was the first picture of Leehom that I saw and paid attention to. I was in a taxi in Taipei and saw this super duper huge billboard on the way back to hotel. The thing was, I was not his fan back then, I didn't even know who he was, so nothing special. It was just a huge billboard with a handsome face on it.

Today I'm glad that I didn't like him right away just by looking at his handsome face like that. Actually, I didn't think he was that handsome..

It's his songs, his voice, his works and sometimes I think it's also because that he sings in language I don't understand! LOL.

Anyway.. it's definitely not love at first sight.
It's a quality love, I must say :)

:: Forever Love ::
Loving you is not because of your beauty
I love you more and more...
Each expression in your eyes, touches my heart

Forever Love.. Forever Love
I only want to take my whole life to love you
From this day forward,
You will be all my reason for happiness

Lyric quoted from "Forever Love"
Album: Shangrila


I don't know what to say about this guitar.. oh well, actually I don't know what to say about any other guitar at all, and any other music instrument too .... LOL!. All I know that it is incredibly gorgeous and beautiful. Leehom calls it "BAHAMUT" Don't ask me why he has come up with that name.. I tried to browse but can't find any clue.. sorry. (updates: please read comment to find out why Leehom calls it Bahamut)

Leehom ordered this right after he saw "The Alien" on Guitar Noize. It was produced by Emerald Guitars. Bahamut went on Music Man World Tour with Leehom since September 2008.

Bahamut's Creation

“The body is a chinese dragon that is twisted into the shape of a treble cleff and to top it all off we added another little dragon on the headstock. The body is hand shaped out of a special foam and then covered in carbon fibre to keep it both light and strong. The body is then completed with a special chrome paint that gives a beautiful metal look. Of course there always has to be a little something extra and in this case it is the red lasers in the eyes. on stage with some smoke these just look amazing.”

“As with all my guitars it is only part of the deal making it look good, it also has to play and sound great and this baby meets all these criteria. The Carbon neck makes a super stable structure so a perfect set up will stay a perfect set up and with stainless frets you wont even need to worry about fret wear. Its got a beautiful deep tone also due to the twin humbuckers and the extra dense centre section of the guitar.”

Now let's hear what it sounds like ... *gosh, how I love the way Leehom intruduced it to the crowd*

Read more about Bahamut at Guitar Noize, or read Allistair's Blog, the person who has finished the production in 6 weeks time!

Source: Guitar Noize and Emerald Guitars

Leehom's Music - Concert DVD/VCD

Please support Leehom.
If you like his songs, buy the original CD at stores or online.

Music Man Concert Taipei
Sony Music Taiwan
Release Date: September 2009

Tracks List

CD - 1
  1. Intro
  2. What's Wrong with Me
  3. W.H.Y.
  4. Mistake in the Flower Field
  5. Descendants of the Dragon
  6. Wrong Love
  7. Forever Love
  8. Sense & Security
  9. Instrument Only
  10. First Morning
  11. Crying Palm
  12. If You Hear My Song
  13. Bamboo Groove
  14. Girl Friend
  15. Love Appropriately
  16. Change Me
  17. Falling Leave Returns to Root
  18. Simple Song
  19. You're Not Here
  20. Wei Yi
  21. Love Encouragement
CD - 2
  1. Thanking Fans
  2. Can You Feel My World
  3. Dance Solo
  4. I Have No Reason to Care about You
  5. Beside The Plum Blossoms
  6. Heroes of Earth
  7. Shangrila
  8. Release Your Heart, Loving You is Loving Me
  9. Big City, Little Love
  10. Everything
  11. Thank Yous
  12. Kiss Goodbye
  13. Ending

Heroes of Earth Concert, Taipei
Sony Music Taiwan
Release Date: August 2006

Tracks List

CD - 1
  1. Intro
  2. Heroes of Earth, Open Your Heart, Loving You is Loving Me
  3. Revolution
  4. Simply in Love With You
  5. Kiss Goodbye
  6. Forever's First Day
  7. DJ Eturn
  8. Ya Birthday
  9. Love Rival Beethoven
  10. First Morning
  11. Don't Be Afraid
  12. Big City, Little Love
  13. Follow Me
  14. W.H.Y
  15. Simple Song
CD - 2
  1. If You Hear My Song
  2. Crying Palm
  3. Love Love Love
  4. You're Not Here
  5. Forever Love
  6. Julia
  7. Beside the Plum Blossom
  8. Mistake in the Flower Field
  9. Shangrila
  10. Far Away
  11. Descendants of the Dragon
  12. Impossible to Miss You
  13. The One and Only

Revolution Concert VCD *
Sony BMG Taiwan
Release Date: April 1999

Impossible to Miss You VCD *
Sony Music Taiwan
Release Date: September 1999

* I don't have it .. :(

Leehom's Music - Other Album

Please support Leehom.
If you like his songs, go buy the original CD at stores or online.

Life is a Game *
Artist(s) : Leehom Wang & Friends
Release Date : August 18, 2006

Track lists
  1. Intro (Inst.)
  2. Finally - Wang Lee Hom
  3. Life is a Game - Wang Lee Hom
  4. Wants to Love - Wang Lee Hom & Nirace Ni
  5. Finally (Inst.)
  6. Love’s Power - Han Shue
  7. Explode - Alan Ke
  8. Person in our heart - Alan Ke & Nirace Ni
  9. Dance With Me - Cheng Gang
  10. Ending (Inst.) 

Hear My Voice
Sony Music Japan
Release Date: July 2004

Tracks List
  1. I Can't Stop Loving You
  2. Miracle of Love
  3. This Could be Love
  4. Dream Again
  5. Don't Be Afraid
  6. Forever's First Day
  7. One Man Show
  8. Hear My Voice
  9. Two People Don't Make up Us
  10. Flying Towards The Sky You Never Know
  11. Crying Palm
  12. If You Hear My Song

Dream Again (Single) *
Sony Music Japan
Release Date : April 2004

Miracle of Love *
Sony Music Japan
Release Date: January 2004

Tracks List
  1. The Miracle of Love
  2. Descendent of the Dragon (Japanese)
  3. Two people does not mean that we (Chinese)

The Only One
Sony Music Japan
Release Date: May 2003

Tracks List
  1. Wei Yi
  2. Last Night
  3. Like a Gun Shot
  4. Crying Palm
  5. Light of My Life
  6. China White
  7. Don't Be Afraid
  8. Simply in Love With You
  9. Mary Says
  10. Julia
  11. Revolution
  12. Loving You is Loving Me
  13. Impossible to Miss You
  14. As Long As I Have You
  15. Wei Yi (Japanese)

Last Night *
Sony Music Japan
Release Date: May 2003

Tracks List
  1. 唯一 (中文版)
  2. Last Night
  3. 唯一 (日文版)

Evolution CD 1 & 2
Sony Music Taiwan
Release Date: October 2002

Tracks List CD 1
  1. W.H.Y   | MV |
  2. Julia
  3. Revolution
  4. The One and Only
  5. Don't Be Afraid
  6. Impossible To Miss You
  7. Loving You is Loving Me
  8. If You Hear My Song
  9. Take Your Time
  10. You're The One I Love
  11. Light of My Life   | MV |
  12. I Want to Spend My Lifetime Loving You
  13. Last Night  | MV |
Tracks List CD 2
  1. Two People Don't Make Up Us
  2. Wanting to See You Every Second
  3. Crying Palm
  4. White Paper
  5. First Day of Forever
  6. Love Rival Beethoven
  7. Missing You
  8. Snowman
  9. It's You
  10. China White
  11. Happiness x3, Loneliness x3   | MV |
  12. Like A Gunshot
  13. Descendants of the Dragons

Leehom Music Century
Sony Music Taiwan
Release Date: January 2001

Tracks List 

Disc One
  1. Take Your Time
  2. 愛妳的歌
  3. 每天愛妳廿四小時

Disc Two - 世紀主打全紀錄 VCD
  1. 每天愛妳廿四小時 音樂特集製作花絮
  2. Take Your Time
  3. 公轉自轉
  4. 愛妳等與愛自己
  5. 信任
  6. 不可能錯過妳
  7. 流淚手心
  8. Julia
  9. 永遠的第一天
  10. 龍的傳人
  11. 不要害怕

Take Your Time 
Sony Music Taiwan
Release Date: December 2000

Tracks List


每天愛你廿四小時 (粵語版)
Take Your Time (國語版)


Take Your Time music video
每天愛你廿四小時 音樂特輯花絮

I Want to Spend My Lifetime Loving You *
Sony Music Taiwan
Release Date: July 2998

Tracks List
  1. 我用生命愛你 I Want to Spend My Lifetime Loving You
  2. 我用生命愛你 I Want to Spend My Lifetime Loving You (Karaoke)

Decca Record
Release Date: November 1996

Tracks List
  1. Nature  | MV |
  2. Canyon River
  3. Silver Lake
  4. Weeping From The Forest
  5. On The Road To Gombe
  6. The Earth Song
  7. It's You
  8. Symphony No 1
  9. The Wind
  10. The Trees
  11. Moon Shadows on the Highlands
  12. Through a Window

Good Leehom Compilation
Decca Records Taiwan
Release Date: July 1998

Tracks List
  1. Because of You
  2. White Paper
  3. Crying For Me 1000 Times
  4. Missing You
  5. Wanting To See You Every Second
  6. As Long As I Have You
  7. Won't Say Any Regrets
  8. The Best of Love
  9. Snowman
  10. Don't Switch on The Light
  11. Disapear in The Wind
  12. If You Hear My Song
  13. Rock and Roll
  14. Still Snowing in April

* I don't have it :(

I Should Have ....

I had a few hours free this evening.. so I went browsing and begin to type at the google seach bar : "blogger Wang Leehom" Oh yeaa.. I wanted to know how many blogs about Wang Leehom out there, and what other blogs wrote about about Leehom..

I came visited some of them. Some were really good with best collections on Leehom stuff, like this one for example: HOM-e (planned to copy something from there and put it here..LOL. The blog owner allows it as long as there's proper credit to the source.. of course) and some were not... (sorry, no links here... haha).

However, I was surprised to find out that most of them were not updated at all. They're stopped writing like 4 years ago ... They were active only during Heroes of Earth album.

What happened? Where are they now? Are they still Leehom's fans? Is it only me now?

I've been a fan of Leehom since Sep 2006 and have never been able to stop myself from being a fan since then. The fan-things still go stronger within me, until today. Were they stopped being fans while I was starting becoming one?

Okay.. here's my theory... I can't find updated blogs because ... simply because, most of them are written in Chinese!

Darn!! I should have learned Chinese few years ago...


Leehom Wang was spotted celebrating with friends at a nightclub after filming was completed in Shanghai. He seemed slightly drunk and initiated a hug with a woman dressed in red. The woman appeared to be around 30 and held onto him like a “Koala Bear”.

Love Announcement's crew went to the Muse nightclub around midnight and didn’t leave until 6 am. The somewhat-drunk Leehom suddenly hugged a light-skinned woman who was dressed in red. A male friend looked on in shock as the two looked liked a pair of conjoined twins. Leehom’s manager explained that there were about 150 staff members at the scene and the woman was his film editor Dou Dou. Leehom said everyone was like his comrade and his manager also pointed out that Dou Dou is already married.

And here's the hug..

My comment:
Seriously people! What's wrong with a hug??? I hug my male friends, what's wrong with that?? *I really don't understand*

When I first read about this.. I went OMG! Leehom finally found someone.. I was in between happy and sad.. haha! LOL. And when I saw these pictures .. I went OMG again, but this time envious....

I want a hug like that too!!

source: cpopaccess

Update 6: Love in Disguise

More pictures from the Love in Disguise
The Monkey King... in action!!

LOL at the last picture!

source: here and here

Update 5: Love in Disguise

note on May 27, the official title for the movie is : Love in Disguise

I just dont know why I couldn't get any info on Love Announcement from any of Leehom's English Fansites. It's frustrating me. First, because my only source is only English Fansites.. hoping some English speaking fans will share some info, and second, the world seems to move so very slow when there's no updates on Leehom... :(

So, I tried to find it from Liu Yifei's fansite and .... it's there! How come Leehom's fans were not as updated as Yifei's? Are all Leehom's fans busy??

Anyway, here's what "Wan Mei" said:
  • The main shooting of LOVE ANNOUNCEMENT has been completed in March 2010.
  • Currently the film is in post-production and editing stage.
  • Wong Leehom revealed that the film will be scheduled for a July release in Taiwan/China. :D
Okay... my guessing are:
  • The movie will not be in Jakarta's theaters
  • Leehom will be busy doing promotions for the movie and...
  • His album will be delayed... again :( *Oh NOOO!!!* (=dead) 

Some latest pictures from the movie, posted by "dtsontan" :

Update 4: Love in Disguise

TAIPEI - POP musician Wang Lee Hom is blowing 35 million yuan (S$7.1 million) on his debut as a film director, says Apple Daily.

For the youth comedy Love Announcement, in which he plays a pop star, he spent 20 million yuan on a two-day shoot of a concert last month in Shanghai, the report says.

Free tickets to the March 27 show were given to fans through his website and about 35,000 of them became extras in the film.

In a bit of acting, the fans from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea had to shout not his name but that of his character, though.

The concert was an East-meets-West affair like one of Wang's real-life shows, featuring Peking opera and hip-hop. At one point, he showed up on stage in face paint as the Monkey King.

The movie will also star actresses Joan Chen and Liu Yifei.

Source :

Note on 27 May
the official tittle of the movie is Love in Disguise

Leehom as Charlie Chaplin

I was digging youtube looking for old Leehom's clips and found this. At first, I was just gonna 'favorite' this into my youtube channel, but I can't help it .. he's just sooooo adorable.. it was ssooo funny that I decided to post it here instead. I will download and keep it.... for sure!

Leehom's Music - Personal Album

Please support Leehom.
If you like his songs, go buy the original CD at stores or online.

These are Wang Leehom's PERSONAL ALBUMS.

#14. 18 Martial Arts
Sony BMG Taiwan
Release Date: 12 Aug 2010

Tracks List

    1. Dragon Dance
    2. 杜 U ♥ Me Du U Love Me   | Eng Lyric |
    3. 十八般武艺 Shi Ba Ban Wu Yi   | Eng Lyric |
    4. 你不知道的事 Ni Bu Zhi Dao De Shi   | MV-Eng Sub |
    5. 伯牙绝弦 Bai Ya Jue Xian   | MV |
    6. 柴米油盐酱醋茶 Chai Mi You Yan Jiang Cu Cha    | MV-Eng Sub |
    7. 美 Mei   | MV |
    8. 需要人陪 Xu Yao Ren Pei   | MV |
    9. 天涯海角 Tian Ya Hai Jiao  | Eng Lyric |
    10. 你不知道的事 (宋晓青版本) Ni Bu Zhi Dao De Shi (Song Xiao Qing Ban Ben)
    11. 自己人 Zi Ji Ren

      #13. Heart Beat
      Sony BMG Taiwan
      Release Date: Dec 2008

      Tracks List
      1. Love Appropriately
      2. Heart Beat   | MV with English Sub | Live |
      3. Spring Rain Washed Away Sun   | MV |
      4. Everything   | MV |
      5. No Reason to Care About You  | MV |
      6. Another Heaven   | MV-Eng Sub |
      7. Doll
      8. Script   | MV |
      9. Competitors
      10. What's Up Rock

      #12. Change Me
      Sony BMG Taiwan
      Release Date: Jul 2007

      Tracks List
      1. Introduction
      2. Change Me   | MV-Eng Sub | Acoustic Live |
      3. Falling Leave Returns to It's Root
      4. Composing Thought
      5. Our Song
      6. You Are The Song of My Heart  | MV-Eng Sub |
      7. Where Is The Love
      8. Cockney Girl   | MV |
      9. Incomplete Melody   | MV |
      10. Encouragement Of Love
      11. Long Live Chinese
      12. Late Saturday Night   | Live-Eng Sub |

      #11. Heroes of Earth
      Sony Music Taiwan
      Release Date: Dec 2005

      Tracks List
      1. Beside the Plum Blossoms   | MV-Eng Sub |
      2. Mistake in the Flower Field   | MV-Eng Sub | Live MusicMan |
      3. Heroes of Earth
      4. Kiss Goodbye   | MV-Eng Sub |
      5. Perfect Interaction Feat. Rain & Lim Jeung Hee   | MV |
      6. Big City, Little Love   | MV |
      7. The First Morning   | MV-Eng Sub |
      8. Brothers
      9. Move Over
      10. Love Because It's My Heart   | MV | Live by Leehom |

      #10. Shangrila
      Sony Music Taiwan
      Release Date: Dec 2004

      Tracks List
      1. Introduction
      2. Liberate Your Heart   | MV-Eng Sub |
      3. Shangrila   | MV |
      4. Deep in the Bamboo Forest
      5. Forever Love   | MV |
      6. Far Away
      7. Simple Song   | MV |
      8. Zodiac   | MV |
      9. Come on Over
      10. The Wrong Love  | MV |
      11. Follow Me

      #09. Unbelievable
      Sony Music Taiwan
      Release Date: Oct 2003

      Tracks List
      1. Ya Birthday   | life-MTV Buzz |
      2. You Are Not Here   | MV |
      3. Love Love Love   | live-MTV Buzz |
      4. Girl Friend
      5. Who Are You Thinking Of At This Moment | MV |
      6. Unbelievable Radio
      7. You And Me   | MV |
      8. What Was I Thinking
      9. Not Your Average Thug
      10. Mile High
      11. Can You Feel My World   | MVlive-MusicMan Concert |
      12. Love Is All Around
      13. Mc Donald   | MV |

      #08. The One and Only
      Sony Music Taiwan
      Release Date: Sep 2000

      Tracks List
      1. The One and Only     | MV | Live feat. Kenny G |
      2. Simply In Love With You   | MV |
      3. Refusing to Promote Your Love
      4. Sense of Security  | MV |
      5. Can't Quit You   | MV |
      6. Don't Ask Anyone
      7. White Fox   | Live-Eng Sub |
      8. Turning Bad
      9. If You Knew
      10. I Want
      11. Simply In Love With You (Romantic Vers) | MV |
      12. Better Than You   | MV |

      #7. Forever's First Day
      Sony Music Taiwan
      Release Date: Jun 2000

      Tracks List
      1. Introduction
      2. Forever's First Day   | MV-Eng Sub |
      3. Descendants of The Dragon   | MV |
      4. Don't Be Afraid   | MV |
      5. The World of Wild Imagination
      6. Love is a Stage
      7. Love's Notebook
      8. City of Pleasure
      9. This Is Love
      10. You Can Tell Me
      11. Love My Song

      #06. Impossible To Miss You
      Sony Music Taiwan
      Release Date: Jun 1999

      Tracks List
      1. Fishing For Inspiration
      2. Impossible To Miss You   | MV-Eng Sub | 
      3. Crying Palm | MV |
      4. Julia   | MV | live-MTV Buzz |
      5. Side Effect From Love
      6. Open Heart
      7. Falling Wings
      8. Losing You     | self-made MV-Eng Sub |
      9. Have You Ever Been In Love
      10. Happy Ending
      11. Mary Says

      #05. Revolution
      Sony Music Taiwan
      Release Date: Aug 1998

      Tracks List
      1. Revolution   | MV | Live-Heroes of Earth Concert | Live "Acoustic"
      2. Frozen Dream   | Live-Revolution Concert 1 | Live-Eng Sub |
      3. Loving You Is Loving Me   | MV | Live-Revolution Concert
      4. One of These Days
      5. My Love Song
      6. Trust
      7. Whatever   | MV | Live-Revolution Concert
      8. Year 2000
      9. Who Do You Think I Am   | Live-Revolution Concert
      10. Please Come Back To Me   | FanMade MV |

      #04. White Paper
      Decca Records Taiwan
      Release Date: Oct 1997

      Tracks List
      1. 在每一秒里都想见到你 Wanting To See You Every Second   | MV || Live-Revolution Concert 
      2. 不要开灯 Don't Turn On The Light   | MV |
      3. 爱在思念蔓延时 Love When Thoughts Are Lengthen
      4. 认真 Be Serious
      5. 放逐思念 Let Thoughts Go
      6. 白纸 White Paper   | MV |
      7. 给我你的手 Give me your hand
      8. Dream Again   | fan-made MV-Eng version |
      9. 想家 Missed Home
      10. 四月还会下雪 April Snow

      #03. Missing You
      Decca Records Taiwan
      Release Date: Dec 1996

      Tracks List
      1. Disapear in The Wind   | MV |
      2. 遠離傷心   | song in youtube |
      3. Missing You   | MV-Eng Sub | Live 1
      4. 暴风雨
      5. 回忆   | song in youtube |
      6. Won't Say Any Regrets
      7. 预约你的爱
      8. 眼睛
      9. 爱依然执着
      10. Noah

      #02. If You Hear My Song
      Decca Records Taiwan
      Release Date: Aug 1996

      Tracks List
      1. If You Hear My Song   | MV-Eng Sub | Live-Revolution Concert
      2. Shout For Me 1000 Times   | MV |
      3. To Love
      4. Front Page Rock n Roll
      5. Stand By Me
      6. It's You
      7. As Long As I Have You (Chinese)
      8. As Long As I Have You (English)
      9. Hard To Grab Love
      10. Better Off Alone

      #01. Beethoven
      BMG Music Taiwan
      Release Date: December 1995

      Tracks List
      1. Four Seasons
      2. Love Rival Beethoven   | MV | Live at Heroes of Earth Concert 
      3. You Hurt My Heart
      4. Cry For Me Again, OK
      5. Love Me Tender
      6. Listening To The Rain
      7. Flying Freely With Love
      8. The Water is Wide
      9. Don't Be Like This, I'll Cry
      10. Last Night
      11. I Don't Wanna Say Goodbye   | MV |

      My album collection is now complete! Thank you to those who helped!!

      Next Post: Leehom's Other Albums

      HOT GOSSIP : Leehom's Girlfriend ?

      *PING* - BBM from Susi: check out the link, HOT news on Leehom!! 

      First-time movie director Leehom was caught behaving intimately with a woman in full public view at an event last month to celebrate the completion of his movie Love Announcement's shoot.

      After the wrap party at Shanghai's Muse nightspot ended at around 6am, a tipsy-looking Leehom was seen throwing his arms around a fair-skinned woman, who looked to be around 30 years old. The two behaved as if they were unwilling to leave and clung onto each other for a while. He whispered into her ears and she returned the favour by holding his neck, before embracing him by the waist.

      The good-looking singer-songwriter, one of the most coveted bachelors in the Mandopop scene, has previously been linked with singer A-mei, actress Shu Qi and his Lust, Caution co-star Tang Wei.

      Leehom's agent responded on Monday that the woman in question is a film editor for Love Announcement who is married. She argued, "It wasn't intimate at all. Leehom says everyone is like comrades and possesses a special bond."

      Love Announcement will be the 33-year-old Leehom's directorial debut. He stars in the NT$160 million (S$7 million) production opposite Chinese starlet Liu Yifei and Joan Chen, another Lust, Caution co-star.


      Update 3: Love in Disguise

      New Clip!!

      The Monkey King Leehom was interacting with his fans during the shooting break of Love Announcement. He needs lots of fans as extras at the movie.

      *impossible* how come he still looks hot and handsome in that monkey king make-up .. ck ck ck..

      However, this clip was not part of the movie.

      Lucky fans... and lucky Leehom.
      That's what we call "mutual benefit"... *smart!*

      Thanks to: Gibberish of AF

      note on 27 May:
      the official title of the movie is Love in Disguise

      My Windows Media Player

      Call me weird, call me sick,
      Call me freak, call me just anything as you wish,
      Coz.. I really do have ONLY Leehom's songs in my list. LOL!

      By Artist

      By Album-1
      By Album-2
      By Album-3

      Next Project : List by Song
      onleehom 王力宏 | TNB