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I Should Have ....

I had a few hours free this evening.. so I went browsing and begin to type at the google seach bar : "blogger Wang Leehom" Oh yeaa.. I wanted to know how many blogs about Wang Leehom out there, and what other blogs wrote about about Leehom..

I came visited some of them. Some were really good with best collections on Leehom stuff, like this one for example: HOM-e (planned to copy something from there and put it here..LOL. The blog owner allows it as long as there's proper credit to the source.. of course) and some were not... (sorry, no links here... haha).

However, I was surprised to find out that most of them were not updated at all. They're stopped writing like 4 years ago ... They were active only during Heroes of Earth album.

What happened? Where are they now? Are they still Leehom's fans? Is it only me now?

I've been a fan of Leehom since Sep 2006 and have never been able to stop myself from being a fan since then. The fan-things still go stronger within me, until today. Were they stopped being fans while I was starting becoming one?

Okay.. here's my theory... I can't find updated blogs because ... simply because, most of them are written in Chinese!

Darn!! I should have learned Chinese few years ago...


Anonymous said...

Yeah it's sad there's not many updated english leehom blogs around, that's why you have to keep going!

onleehom 王力宏 | TNB