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Update 5: Love in Disguise

note on May 27, the official title for the movie is : Love in Disguise

I just dont know why I couldn't get any info on Love Announcement from any of Leehom's English Fansites. It's frustrating me. First, because my only source is only English Fansites.. hoping some English speaking fans will share some info, and second, the world seems to move so very slow when there's no updates on Leehom... :(

So, I tried to find it from Liu Yifei's fansite and .... it's there! How come Leehom's fans were not as updated as Yifei's? Are all Leehom's fans busy??

Anyway, here's what "Wan Mei" said:
  • The main shooting of LOVE ANNOUNCEMENT has been completed in March 2010.
  • Currently the film is in post-production and editing stage.
  • Wong Leehom revealed that the film will be scheduled for a July release in Taiwan/China. :D
Okay... my guessing are:
  • The movie will not be in Jakarta's theaters
  • Leehom will be busy doing promotions for the movie and...
  • His album will be delayed... again :( *Oh NOOO!!!* (=dead) 

Some latest pictures from the movie, posted by "dtsontan" :


onleehom 王力宏 | TNB