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Leehom Wang was spotted celebrating with friends at a nightclub after filming was completed in Shanghai. He seemed slightly drunk and initiated a hug with a woman dressed in red. The woman appeared to be around 30 and held onto him like a “Koala Bear”.

Love Announcement's crew went to the Muse nightclub around midnight and didn’t leave until 6 am. The somewhat-drunk Leehom suddenly hugged a light-skinned woman who was dressed in red. A male friend looked on in shock as the two looked liked a pair of conjoined twins. Leehom’s manager explained that there were about 150 staff members at the scene and the woman was his film editor Dou Dou. Leehom said everyone was like his comrade and his manager also pointed out that Dou Dou is already married.

And here's the hug..

My comment:
Seriously people! What's wrong with a hug??? I hug my male friends, what's wrong with that?? *I really don't understand*

When I first read about this.. I went OMG! Leehom finally found someone.. I was in between happy and sad.. haha! LOL. And when I saw these pictures .. I went OMG again, but this time envious....

I want a hug like that too!!

source: cpopaccess


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