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I don't know what to say about this guitar.. oh well, actually I don't know what to say about any other guitar at all, and any other music instrument too .... LOL!. All I know that it is incredibly gorgeous and beautiful. Leehom calls it "BAHAMUT" Don't ask me why he has come up with that name.. I tried to browse but can't find any clue.. sorry. (updates: please read comment to find out why Leehom calls it Bahamut)

Leehom ordered this right after he saw "The Alien" on Guitar Noize. It was produced by Emerald Guitars. Bahamut went on Music Man World Tour with Leehom since September 2008.

Bahamut's Creation

“The body is a chinese dragon that is twisted into the shape of a treble cleff and to top it all off we added another little dragon on the headstock. The body is hand shaped out of a special foam and then covered in carbon fibre to keep it both light and strong. The body is then completed with a special chrome paint that gives a beautiful metal look. Of course there always has to be a little something extra and in this case it is the red lasers in the eyes. on stage with some smoke these just look amazing.”

“As with all my guitars it is only part of the deal making it look good, it also has to play and sound great and this baby meets all these criteria. The Carbon neck makes a super stable structure so a perfect set up will stay a perfect set up and with stainless frets you wont even need to worry about fret wear. Its got a beautiful deep tone also due to the twin humbuckers and the extra dense centre section of the guitar.”

Now let's hear what it sounds like ... *gosh, how I love the way Leehom intruduced it to the crowd*

Read more about Bahamut at Guitar Noize, or read Allistair's Blog, the person who has finished the production in 6 weeks time!

Source: Guitar Noize and Emerald Guitars


Karen said...

Hi - I'm also a huge fan of Leehom :) It's nice to see an updated English blog for him.

He named his guitar Bahamut because of a role-playing game he used to play when he was a kid. He explained it in the Music-Man DVD. My sister has my DVD so I can't double check but if I remember correctly, he said he and his brother were nerdy kids who used to play a game called Dungeons and Dragons and there were 2 dragons in the game - one good and one evil. Bahamut was the name of the good dragon.

emajanti said...

Hi Karen.. thanks for stopping by and enlightening me with the info on Bahamut. I dont speak Chinese so I dont understand what he's saying in the DVD.. although I have the DVD :)

and yeaa.. I'm trying to catch up with his busy life and schedule, but he seems nowhere to be found these days.. I know he's doing movie editing but I also hope he's finishing his album too.

Karen said...

No problem. And I do wish the DVD came with English subtitles. My understanding of Mandarin is pretty limited.

The China fan club keeps pretty up to date with his news but it doesn't help people who can't read Chinese :) Not sure if you saw the interview while he was in Singapore over the weekend but he said his album is connected to his movie so I think they'll both be released at the same time.

emajanti said...

Language barrier is the only complaint I have of being Leehom's fan. I really think he should hire a professional staff to take care of his non-chinese speaking fans, like me. If he wanted to go International, he really should consider it.

I didn't know if he will link the album to the movie coz, he's been preparing the album long before he's start making the movie.. oh well, he always does surprise us, doesn't he?

Thx so much for the vid link!

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