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New Lay Ads

Leehom Wang recently wrapped up his directorial debut Love Announcement after three months of filming in the mainland. He was back in Taiwan and shot a new Lays ad with Angela Chang over the past two days. Although commercials have been piling up since he was away, one noticeably missing was Liptop milk tea.

The company announced Ethan Ruan as their new spokesperson for Taiwan and mainland after the position was held by Leehom Wang for the last three years. Ethan Ruan reportedly cost a modest 7.50 million (NTD), while Leehom was rumored to have lost the deal because it conflicted with another one of his endorsements, as well as his high price tag.

On the set of their new commercial, Leehom Wang and Angela Chang looked like the God of Cookery and the Red Hair Witch. One was holding a ladle while the other had a pair of chopsticks as they were hung in mid-air by wires. Despite being co-spokespersons, most of their scenes were shot individually and they had very little interaction. Angela Chang was accompanied her brother and sister, as well as her close friend Jenny, who always hangs around but claims to run a big business herself.

Leehom Wang has been busy with filming commercials since returning from the mainland. He currently has 10 endorsement deals that include mobile phones, cameras and chips. It is also his 12th year as the spokesperson for Wahaha mineral water, in addition to promoting Coca-Cola. He is estimated to pocket 160 million (NTD) from these endorsements. Over the past three years with Leehom Wang as their spokesperson, Lipton sold 200 million units and made 4 billion in revenue. He was viewed as the "Super Money Printing Press", but was replaced by Ethan Ruan yesterday.

Ethan Ruan was dressed up as a cop and danced with a dairy cow at the Lipton press conference. On replacing Leehom Wang as the spokesperson, he said “No one can replace anyone. I also like Leehom Wang.” He said because he likes drinking milk tea so he wanted to have this endorsement. Ethan Ruan reportedly received 1.5 million (NTD) to become the Lipton spokesperson in Taiwan, and 6 million for the mainland Lipton. It was much more economical when compared to Leehom Wang’s 10 million (NTD) for Taiwan and 1 million (USD) for mainland.

source: CpopAccess

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