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Best Template is Yet to Find

It's been months since I decided to create a dedicated blog for Leehom. I got headaches, I got confused, I got cramps and I got hurt trying to satisfy the need. I'm 100% sure there IS or ARE templates that suit my need.. the problem was, I'm not good enough in coding, and designing and it was driving me nuts! :(

So thanks again to Julia for this template.. oh yeaa.. stole it from her when she decided not to use this one for her project. haha.

Okay... presenting to you.. the new face of my wonderHOM .. hope you like it as much as I do :)

This is a very nice template, exactly just what I need. Dark, Purple, 2 Cols, wide, Picture Slider ... almost perfect! I managed to changed the header image with my own image, but still... best template is yet to come! I got some issues with this template

  1. the sidebar title font. After altering it into smaller size, it worked just fine with google chrome. But if you open it with IE 8, the font size is like... huge. Dont know how to fix it :(
  2. the picture slider. I want more and more and more. I want 8 pictures.. at least. Not sure if I'm smart enough to find out how to add :(
  3. I love template with border, actually. Without border ... kinda look messy for me.
  4. There's a "comma" in front of the post date .. Dont know how to delete it
oh well .. to Julia, since the blog title was from you and the template was also from you... why dont you take it over from here.... please.... that would make my life a whole lot easier... LOL!

next action items:
  • insert video
  • change the pictures on the slider
  • organize the nav links and other links at the buttom
  • learn how to put "Read More" button


joelliea said...

1. I also don't know how to fix. I think, you may want try creating your blog using IE8. Your post title is too small too.

2. Done. Please see:

3. I don't know about the border. But this template use "box" instead. Should be ok, right? Can try align:"justify" for your posts, make it tidier.

4. Done. Please see:

Look up the link I gave you. That's as far as I could get for now =D.

emajanti said...

did you just.. OMG! you're genius! at least half of the problem gone now. Need to look more on how to resize the sidebar title into smaller font. And I think, I'm ok without border. Thank you so much!!

joelliea said...

for the Read More:

joelliea said...

To set the sidebar title font size:

emajanti said...

thank you so very much for your help... sidebar font is now smaller. yang read-more.. belum gw coba. later I will.. xie xie :))

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