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Did Leehom Lip-Sync?

Leehom's youtube channel "officialwangeehom" has just uploaded 3 new video of his "18 Martial Art" Press Launch held in Taipei on Aug 13. And there have been a discussion whether he did "lip-sync" in the event. Well, the answer is NO. He did not lip-sync, nor has to lip-sync... He is one of the greatest live singers in the world. He doesn't have to lip-sync. But why those 3 video really look like he did?

It's actually 3 "audio edited video" that had been uploaded. Leehom sang live on the event, but the original voice was replaced with the recorded voice, from the released CD. Oh yeaaah... *sigh of disagreement*

I have 7 points that "officialwangleehom" must not upload an audio-edited video:
  • it's an official channel, the source has to be original and credible. The channel has some sort of "responsibility" to provide the trustworthy quality video to protect Leehom's image.
  • the "edited-vid" is not professionally well-done. I know that his concert DVDs were edited, but I dont mind at all because I know it's for commercial purpose and professionally well-done. They recorded live, along with the conversation, cheers, applauds and fans scream. It's not just a voice over using contents from a released CD.
  • youtube is a free channel. Everyone can watch and comment, sometimes the comments are just irresponsible and ignorant for the whole world to read. So you decide yourself, is it good for Leehom himself?
  • fans who understand that it's an edited vid, have to defend Leehom and posted clarification again and again and again for others who posted a comment like "it's a lip-sync" without reading the other comments first. Ouch, I mean come on! That is not gonna happen if the vid are not uploaded, rite?
  • It's a free live event where everyone came with handycam. For me, it's just a shame if the audio coming from the same event is totally different from one another. It's like cheating, isn't it?
  • And last... Leehom doesn't need it. As I said, he is one of the greatest live singers in the world. His live performances are just as good as the recorded ones and even better because.... he is so damn good in doing improvisation (ad-libs). I collected many of his live performance and noticed that he always sings 1 same song differently. There are just too many proofs on this. Good example are his "WeiYi, Gong Zhuan Zhi Zuan (Revolution)" and most of his hits, he didn't sing them the way he recorded them in the CD. And I love him for that, a lot.
I have no idea whether it's Leehom's idea or not, but I personally think that if it's just a voice over edited video, "officialwangleehom" should not upload it. 

Here are the links to the 3 Video from Leehom's channel:
Part One (18 Martial Arts)  |  Part Two (Bo Ya)  |  Part Three (All the Things You Never Knew)

And here are the fan vid video to compare the singing :

18 Martial Arts

Bo Ya Cuts the String

All the Things You Never Knew


Kate said...

i totally agree with you, Leehom & lip syncing dont really go together. he doesnt need to, he sounds great live. i hope they take down the vid because it gives non fans a somewhat bad impression about Leehom. i dont think Leehom knows that his vid has been re-dubbed.

Emajanti said...

Yeaa... you're so rite about giving non fans a bad impression. Thx for stopping by n read my blog :)

joelliea said...

Well we can't know on what purpose they uploaded such videos. If for one thing or another, they should have at least given us some information about the audio.

Do you know what you can do? Instead of explaining about the lipsync tragedy on comments over and over again, just post a video response of the real non-audited performance. That'll be pretty much self-explanatory.

joelliea said...

sorry, typo. non-edited. been thinking too much accounting lately.

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