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4 Songs Preview from Leehom's New Album

Leehom is doing movie and album release together. He's been busy like hell for the last 2 months and will be super duper busy in a few months ahead. I seriously think he needs a break and gain his weight back. He's so skinny and it breaks my heart...

I dont think I can catch up with his schedule though. There were some events that I have missed. I hope I can post them all soon.

Here are 4 more teasers from Leehom's New Album "To Be Versatile". From the 4, I only know 1 confirmed title coz it's Leehom himself who said it on his facebook, during the online chat few weeks ago, called "All the Things You Never Knew"

The owner of the clip put below titles, but I would say that except for song no. 4, we have to wait for the official title of the songs :

1) 需要人陪 ( Needing someone's company)
2) 十八般武藝 ( 18 martial arts)
3) 伯牙絕弦
4) 你不知道的事 (Things you never knew)

Fave Song in order : 4, 3, 2, 1


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