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OPEN FIRE - My Preorder CD is here!!

Support Leehom, buy original work only. 

It was like perfectly planned that my portable HDD was left in the office since last Friday. I who was supposed to work from home on Monday, had to go to office to get it. It has all the office data and emails.

After lunch time, the brown box package was sent to my desk. I knew it. I knew it right from that very second that it's Leehom's CD. Even though I had all the songs already, I still felt so excited when I opened that box.

It's a huge package for a normal CD. It's like 40 x 40 x 10 cm box. I was told that the preoder will come with a huge poster, so I was expecting it. I have no idea where to put the poster though, maybe in my son's room as he's a fan too.

I didn't find any huge poster, but got something else, more interesting stuffs. A nice photo book of his HLQK MV shoot. A girl came to my desk seeing me giggle and she asked who is Leehom. So I went bla bla bla bla bla..... and just like any other person who was introduced to Leehom's profile, she went "WOW! very talented". I swear to you, I didn't exaggerate, use flowery words or something, his profile is just beyond average. And about the photo book, lots of nice pictures but honestly, either Leehom is becoming very thin or he did something with his face. It looked like a really long face.

Then, there's another plastic packed separately. At first, I thought it's the poster but when I opened it... OMG!! It's a balloon, a replica of Bahamut. And soon, some of the guys around my desk came and asked if  I would give it to them. Heu? Yeaa.... hello guys, over my dead body, ok? LOL!!

I waited till I got home to blow it. And it was so cute that my son asked me to take his picture with it.


joelliea said...

and I thought it was a real guitar, until I studied the pics closely. Man. A balloon??

Emajanti said...

ha. yaa.. a balloon. I was surprised too, but I really think it's a pretty good idea..

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