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Leehom. Leehom. My Sweet Leehom

Nov 12, 2009 @ 7:17:02AM

begitu melek, langsung ambil BB and typed sms to 2 my best friends: "bbrp hari cuti n ngubek2 clip Leehom, nonton concert berulang2, bikin gue gila. Bisa sama gila seperti waktu ke Jerry Yan dulu".

Susi replied first @ 7:37:52AM
Wah yang ini virusnya lebih dasyat dari JY, kemungkinan sembuh kecil sekali. Jadi pasrah aja deh ... :)

Julia then @ 7:57:12AM
One way: tulis di blog. Jadi kapan2 elo bisa baca lagi. Kegilaan gak di share, gak seru ah.

So here I am. Pasrah dan start rumbling gak karuan di blog. What can I say? this virus is so dahsyat and gak seru kalo gak di share................................. oh damn! I got stuck for couples of mnts not knowing what to write. So many things I wanna share about Leehom... just dont know where to start.

Wait, to add on special dramatic effect on my writing mode, let me grab my earphone and plug it into my laptop. Leehom's songs of course! I dont have any other songs in my laptop other than his :p Now, "sweet" playlist is ON. Consists of more than 30 songs in about 120 mnts.. enough for me to write my rumbling things, I hope :)

oh wait again! I have to resize the notepad screen so that I can see Leehom smiling at me from my desktop while writing.... :p

okay, those music and picture are ready on set. Now let's start.

Leehom is very special. (gosh, after getting stuck couples of minutes again.. that's the best sentence I can come up with.. ckckck.. *shaking head*).

I think now I realise that, it's not that I dont know what to write, but more to the feeling that it's so weird, at my age... rumbling around a guy who happens to be very talented, very handsome and also he is tall (that's no 1 rule), who has produced over 100 beautiful songs composed and written and sang by himself, who's expert to play more than 10 music instruments, who is un-doubtfully smart as he was a high school valedictorian, graduated college with honour, can speak 5 different languages. Listed in the 100 inspiring Chinese-American people, played at Ang Lee's movie, a very famous musician through-out Asia with countless awards, who always surprised his fans with different music at each of his album, be it pop, ballad, blues (I love 'NOAH'), Jazz, R&B, ROCK or Chinked-Out... his voice can put me to sleep during my insomnia attacks, his smile can make me smile too and those sexy lips can ... (oh, if you think I've gone mad already.... you should see his "Wei Yi" MV !!)

With all of those qualities.. is it weird to "fall" for a guy like Leehom? 

I would say, it is so weird not to .... :)


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