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BTS: Big Soldier, Little Soldier

Behind the scene of one of my 3 most anticipated movies in 2010.

This is the only thing I don't like about liking Leehom.
He mostly speaks with language I don't understand. lol

I miss Leehom

Days are so slow when there are no new news on Leehom. I am so looking forward to his next projects: movie with Jacky Chan and his new album.

Leehom did make some appearances during New Year's eve, but after that he's just disappear. Here are the complete clips on his New Year's shows at 3 different cities in Taiwan.

Taipei Part 5

And I happened to bump into some posts of a new Leehom's fan who's got so excited that she decided to record "Forever Love" duet with .... Leehom! Click here to listen.

It's always so refreshing to read how excited new fans are. So I remember myself back in 2006, first time seeing Leehom's picture......

I was in a cab with my JYFI friends in Taipei, we were coming back from 101 tower headed back to hotel to prepare an International Jerry Yan's Fans Gathering. So I saw this HUGE billboard with him on red tshirt, holding a Sony Ericsson's mobile phone. I started to shoot it with my handycam for as long as I can.. while the taxi's moving. I wanted to show it to Susi back in Jakarta.

It was not love at first sight for me, though I had to admit, he's really really gorgeous in that billboard. Next day, I went to a CD store and bought Leehom's Heroes of Earth Concert DVD. It's for Susi, not for me. I still didn't feel anything. In Jakarta, I gave the DVD to Susi who in the next couple of months lent it to me with one little note: "you may not like it in the beginning of the show.. but wait until you hear his ballads"

And since then... no single day passed without Leehom in my mind.

Thank you Susi.

onleehom 王力宏 | TNB