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Introducing: the wonderHOM

Goossh! I spent days, hours, minutes, seconds just to find perfect template for Leehom. I hurt my back, my hands, my eyes.. and even my butt. lol. And to add to my long suffering hours... my mobile modem was really an evil. Its 3.5G connection was not working, at all. I changed it with the new one but.. now the 3.5G connection was not good. I complained to IM2 customer service and they can't do anything! Can you believe it?? They said, the 3.5G connection at my area was limited for 20 users only. WTH!! It didn't make sense, so I told myself that after this, I'm definitely will say bye-bye IM2 and say hello to Smart. Psst! I have prepared a helmet as well. Huahaha!

On the positive side, I learned so many things along the way... including the finding that I was (in fact) a very patient person (ehem!) and that I was able to stay awake until 5AM!! That's a world new record for me.

Now, what were my choices before I stick to this "MILANO" template?

1. Scarlett
I fell in love with this right away because of the sliding bar. Hoever, it's killing me because it's the first time I tried a rather complicated template than I used to have. When few things were not working, I did try to contact the creator, who's happened to be a guy from Indonesia (how smart!). No replay up to now... hehe. But that's not the reason I didn't use it. I decided no to use it because first was that the javascript was too confusing for me, and second, the template also cut the post and gave "READ MORE" sorf-of button. I dont like it. It look kinda cluttered for me. I want my single post to be displayed perfectly as one page. Find Scarlett Template here

2. Photografia
This template looks very nice because of that pretty girl on the sample page. I thought, putting Leehom's picture would be awesome. I thought, a blog for Leehom should be simple and sophisticated, no need crowded layout, his profile will enrich the page. But then, when I read that the menu bar was fix, cos it's an image background.. I said no to it. Find Photografia Template here

3. Simple n Sweet
I have searched everywhere for a nice black template but can't seem to find any up to now. So, when I found Simple n Sweet, I read that it was with a super easy editor, I tried it on.. and it was! You can do almost anything with the fonts and colors, very easy. There was one small problem, actually. That to fix some problems with IE, the creator linked the font size of Post Title and Body Text. So, if you want a smaller body text, the Title Font will also decrease. It was frustrating coz you can't just fix it in the html code. It used some kind of % and also code was in RSS or something.... I have to be a little creative myself to be able to get the font size I need. So, I change everything into black, cos I always love black. I can even use my own header image too. Next time I want a change of blog's face .. I will upload this. If you want to download the template, here

4. Solipsus
It's a very nice template. I love it. Perfect for Leehom. I only have 2 issues with this. First, it was too narrow, I need wider layout cos I tend to write looooong post, just like this one. lol. Second, I need a better header with Leehom's picture.. I dont know how to do it with this template coz it blocked that beautiful header the template had, so I put my image header on top of the main post board... it's pretty ok for me, so this is my number 2 choice, actually.

5. Milano
Actually, I was not fond of this golden colour, but this was a very stunning template. So, I let aside my complaint on the colour issue, and the rest.. everything about this template was PERFECT. I didn't know how to fill in the "RECENT" tabber, so I left it blank, as long as it didn't ruin the layout. I also managed to change some fonts type, change "POPULAR" tabber with "LINKS" and put links list with image.. thanks to photoshop. hurray! There's a READ MORE button too, but I dont think it's working... Anyway... I love this template and am proud of my long hours butt hurting process. ROFTL!

add: I have just found out that post date was not showing :(

About the TITLE
all credit to my friend joellea who gave me the name. She's so right. Leehom is a WONDER.

Next on wonderHOM (suggestions are most welcome)
  • I wanted to change sider fonts, maybe put some colour on the post title (not sure about this)
  • I wanted to change the header template that came with the word "WELCOME"
  • I wanted to fill the sub-nav bar with more links. Maybe with:
  • an organised page for each of Leehom's album, Leehom's Pictures and maybe Leehom's concert clips
  • an organised page of "Story of a Song" into a side bar... no idea yet of how would that be


joelliea said...


This is Blogger, right? Have you tried using the Add a Page for your sidebar contents?

And why was the sidebar placed at the very bottom of the page? I suspect it was dragged by the post length.

emajanti said...

Uh-oh? No side bar at the buttom, what u talking about? Screencap. Pls? What browser u using? When I used ie 8, nothing was right. Then I use google chrome. It's fast and perfect. Yeaa, I wanted to use add a page too later. so manu homeworks.. Trying to change the golden color too hueuehehe

emajanti said...

yeaa.. i tried using ie. 8 and the side bar did moved to the button, and the post page was dark grey, suppose to be white. weird :(

joelliea said...

it works on my Mozilla Firefox 3.

Note to self: Not to open wonderHOM via IE8.

emajanti said...

ha! should I post a line nead the header.. to not open using ie8 too? lol

joelliea said...

the guestbook doesn't work. requires password.

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