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Leehom Recommends Yen-J

In his Facebook, Leehom promoted other artist/musician who's not in the same label company as him. Whatever his reason was, I believe it's because he's truly sincere and honest, the combination that is now rare in the competitive music industry in China, where at least, there's 1 album released almost every single week.

Leehom once said, he's just trying to make good music and didn't really care about the commercialism success. I agree with him. When an artist let profit influence his/her works, there won't be such a genuine art anymore. But I guess it's hard for him to be in the situation between his passion to create good music and "pressure" from his label company to create good music that they can sell. He did a great job though. If he's just feeding the demand, I don't think he successfully continued giving us surprises and maybe he'd just stick to his famous "chinked-out" style. As he said many times, he likes to do things differently. That, IMHO, is what keeping his fans anxious of waiting for his new album.

Anyway.. I looked at the artist he recommended and agreed with him. 
This Yen-J is really not bad at all. 


onleehom 王力宏 | TNB