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Marriage of Figaro at "Love in Disguise" Teaser

Hope there's an english translation so that I can appreciate it more.

The background song is Mozart's "the Marriage of Figaro". I dont think Leehom just picked and used it without any purpose. The Marriage of Figaro is a very famous comic opera by Mozart. The 4 acts are about love, betrayal and forgivenss. It's often called a "one crazy days or day of madness" because of the comedy and some silliness of the acts.

It's a drama comedy:
The Marriage of Figaro is an unmatchable opera that combines comedy, social commentary and heart-breaking tenderness. The plot is deliriously twisty and the characters are deeply sympathetic. Mozart’s genius work connects to our lives with humanity and compassion. -- Vancouver Opera
with brilliant music in it:
You'd hardly expect as much from Neil Simon in Plaza Suite, and yet the madcap disguise bits and such in The Marriage of Figaro are hardly more elevated. Regardless of da Ponte's quality libretto, it is Mozart's music that really sets this opera apart.
"Mozart walks a shade of gray, a narrow line between drama and comedy," Helfgot says. "It's this balance that brings out the human element and makes Figaro readable at so many levels."
The final scene is one of the greatest miracles of human creation: a denouement that is cunningly prepared and yet revelatory every time it is experienced. Following a nocturnal escapade of traded identities, the disguises are removed and all pretenses with them. Revealed before one another amid the evening's darkness, the characters join together and sing an anthem of love.
"Mozart stops the world to prove that there is nothing more sublime than asking for forgiveness," concludes Helgot.
 "You can hear the brakes squeaking to end the farce, as if Mozart were saying, 'Stop, and listen.' " -- Metroactive Music

Read more about "The Marriage of Figaro" at Wikipedia.


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