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HUGS.... Part One

Yeaaa.... I agree. Leehom is sooooo hugable.

Shave Leehom, Save Me

I can't believe just how long I have not updated this blog. I read a comment from somebody who randomly found my blog, she said she loves it and asked me to keep on posting ... *ahem*  I need to keep the spirit of writing alive.  Well, of course I will.... I promise.. I guess :). haha!

So, I heard and read that Leehom was hanging out with friends, attending friend's wedding, doing a few performance, receiving awards (again n again) shooting some ads, and updating his Weibo and his Facebook.

Comparing to his previous work schedules when he was doing album and movie promotion, those are like .. really just a few. I am very sure, Leehom had a lot of free time for himself.

actually ...
has he not??
was he too busy to shave??

onleehom 王力宏 | TNB