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MusicMan Concert at Bird Nest Stadium Beijing

Next MusicMan Concert: 14 April 2012 at Beijing's Bird Nest Stadium.

It will be a super massive giant show! It will be .... well i have no word actually to describe what I'd feel if i can be there. And thankfully it will be made into 3D concert DVD. it's a must have collection, I will for sure buy.

Concert Teaser Clip

He's been working hard preparing the concert.

from Leehom's Facebook on Apr 6.
 Hey everyone attending the April 14th "Open Fire" concert in Beijing Bird's Nest Stadium! I ...want to let you all know ahead of time, YOU will all be playing a big part in an upcoming 3D movie! In celebration of this historical event, the entire concert will be filmed in 3D, and released in 2013 in theaters around the world! Since the theme of this tour (Huo Li Quan Kai) begins with the passionate word, "Huo", meaning "Fire", please come to the concert in red, or with a piece of red clothing, or style your hair like a blazing fire (I will), or whatever you want to do to show off your inner fire! You guys getting fired up yet? !!


and have fun all Leehom's fans who are going to the concert. Take many pictures, post many story and share them all with us .....

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