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China Fans were AWESOME!!!

Time: 16 May 2010
Meeting Point: EOGO Tren Atrium (Chunxi Road), Chengdu
  1. Voluntary Blood Donation
  2. Visiting Elderly at the Old Folks Home and Children at the Orphanage
  3. Traffic Duties Assistants
  4. Public Shopping Assitants
  5. Environmental Volunteer

On September 9, Mid-Autumn festival, Wang Leehom will be holding his Chengdu Music Man concert at the Chengdu Sport Stadium, sharing his "Sun and Moon of the Heart" with the city. Today is Leehom's 34th birthday. In order to give Leehom a unique gift, yesterday Wang Leehom's fans from Chengdu organized a group consisting of fans from all over, including Japan, Korea and Singapore called "Love Leehom, Love Charity – XXXXX". After thousands of fans shouted "Happy birthday Wang Leehom! We will meet you on September 9!" together, they split into smaller groups to spread their love, increase awareness on environment issues and took part in the National Day of Assisting Disabled charity event. 

Visiting elderly in the Old Folks' Home

Yesterday, the first group of fans led everyone to buy fresh fruits and flowers and went to the Old Folks' Home. Some chatted with the elderly, others helped them trim their nails, comb their hair, wash their clothes etc...These young people sent regards to the elderly similar to that of a kin's, touching the hearts of many elderly. Before they left, the fans agreed with each other to visit the Old Folks' Home the next time.
Wang Leehom celebrates birthday, thousands of fans' huge gift to him

In the SOS Orphanage, the children were elated to receive gifts such as stationery and reading materials from the older brothers and sisters. They even read the children stories, taught them songs and fans that could sing and dance performed for the children. There were much laughter from the children, and they felt a lasting feeling of warmth. 

Working to donate to Yushu disaster area

Among the 5 smaller groups of fans, one of them is responsible for selling newspapers at the streets of Chengdu and the members had already collected the newspaper at 5AM. Although this is the first time they were selling newspaper, none of the fans complained of fatigue or difficulty, in fact, they were enthusiastically promoting the newspaper in hand and warmly encouraged everyone to show their love and concern for Yushu disaster area. 

The other part of the fans walked into large-scale shopping centers and hypermarket to help out, answering customers' questions patiently and warmly, helping them. After a day's hard work, the members took all their earnings out and donated through the Red Cross Society to the people of Yushu disaster area under Wang Leehom's fanclub. Many fans believe that even though it isn't a huge amount of money, every cent refers to their love and hard work. 

Taking part in traffic control, promoting civilization

At Shui Nian He Street yesterday after some training, a group of Wang Leehom fans became voluntary traffic police, holding a small red flag int heir hands, looking very much like professionals. They even gave out little posters they made themselves to promote civilization. The hard work contributed by the members were greatly appreciated as they received thumb-ups. The members expressed that they "felt for themselves how hard it is for the traffic police, although they have stood for the whole day and their mouths were all dry, it was extremely worth it!" 

Among all the little groups, one was really special - the fans from Japan, Korea and Singapore came together with health certificates from major hospitals in Chengdu in their hands, joining the group that is donating blood. 

Picking up rubbish, cleaning the railings for a beautiful Chengdu

At the streets yesterday, there was this group of youngsters. They picked up little pieces of paper on the floor, and other rubbish. Some even brought cloth and water to wash and clean the railings by the road. The rest gave out the recycling bag made by the fanclub in an effort to encourage recycling, proposed "Love my city, start with me", "lessen use of plastic bags, one-time-only lunch boxes, reduce emissions, reduce use of water" to the people in Chengdu. They influenced many citizens and one by one the citizens joined them in promoting environmental protection. We've heard that the recycling bags they gave amounted to more than 30,000.

Article from yxlady, translated by Gibberish from AF
Pictures and other source from: Our Home China


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