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HOT!! Leehom's Album 2010

Somebody posted a track list of Leehom's new album at and said that the album will be called "STRAIGHT". Whether it's true or not, I don't know, I'm just really super excited already!

The list consists of 15 songs and some are with English titles.. Although I dream of having English songs, I doubt it that they will be in English. However, considering that the album will be tied with his new movie, I think 15 tracks are logically acceptable.

01 Intro (Music-Man)
02 直
03 转转转
04 恋爱通告
05 Curtain (大幕)
06 双面世界
07 Be used to be(和过去一样)
08 守密者
09 Real face(真面目)
10 Spotlight(聚光灯)
11 Buy love (买爱)
12 问题论
13 珍藏版的我
14 Sharp and flat(升降调)
15 Out of tune(不入调)

Even the Track #07 has already have English lyric. Not sure if they're correct, cos actually I found some of it are linguistically quiet funny. The first phrase is already weird "In Heaven is Bliss ALL" what does it mean? Also it should be a word "to" after the word "say" in the 3rd line, or is it "won't" ? And that word "U.S." LOL! what does it mean? was it supposed to be "us" ?

Track #07 - Be Used To Be

In Heaven is Bliss ALL
ALL is Misery In hell
On Earth between the two, both one Thing and the other
I Want say it is hard to love you
Many times have passed by U.S.
I know that you are Gonna have it your way
But you do not realize you hurt me so much
I think you are Moving too fast
Do not change your faith
Still in the rivers and the lakes that you used to
Be used to be, be used to be

source : baidu


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