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Update 10: Love in Disguise

Can't tell you how happy I am to see this picture. Out of the pictures we have seen from the movie set, this was the best. I think it's gonna be very cool to have 2 Leehom in 1 movie. One is with that silly look, the other is with the superstar look just like this.

However, I can't get the translation correctly. Let me quote it here for you to have your own guess or interpretation. Don't shoot me if you're confused too. LOL!

"Joan teachers "love circular" play an Leehom's manager JOAN sister, 17 years, all the efforts are on "Du Minghan" on the teacher and parent! Actress really is a very imposing appearance too!"

Other pictures.
"High School Musical" ??

Source: sina/loveindisguise


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