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Waiting for a SURPRISE from Leehom

As Brand's Ambassador, Leehom was in Singapore on April 24, 2010 to celebrate Brand's 175's birthday. *OMG so old!! LOL* Brand held an event called Brand's Music Changes Lives where they recognize 4 young people with great talent in music.

Some Youtube Clips:
  • Arrival in Singapore - here
  • Singing happy birthday to Brand - here
  • Departure - here or here (the fans sang "Ai De Gu Li" for him. so sweet!)
He also did an interview with RazorTV where he said that his new album and his upcoming movie will link to each other. "It's something new and refreshing. I always wanted to do something differently" he said.

An album and a movie! I CAN'T WAIT!!!

Razor TV Clip - 1

Razor TV Clip - 2 

Razor TV Clip - 3 

Razor TV Clip - 4


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