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Happy or Hopeless?

What is the correct word to best describe Leehom's expression in this picture? pick your choice:
  • happy
  • frustrated
  • hopeless
  • tickly
  • desperate

Leehom's Ex Girlfriend

I don't want to get nozzy or even try to invade Leehom's personal life.. but really can't help... I just dont get it, why on earth that she decided to marry somebody else and left Leehom broken hearted.. Millions and millions girls out there are dying to be in her shoes.

But whatever the reason was, I want to thank her ... because of that sorrow and pain... some of Leehom's most beautiful ballads were born, included "Forever Love".

Ms Mary Bai at Leehom's first MV "Love Rival Beethoven"

Ms. Bai (now, right)
taken from Sina's blog and belongs to Our Home China

HOT Mustache & Beard

Okay... I'm gonna withdraw my statement saying that I dont like Leehom with mustache and beard in this post. Actually, he's pretty hot with some hair around his lips :)

and even hotter when talking ..

My Nikon Camera

Call me a die-hard fan... yeaaa!!
Here it is. My Nikon camera as promised in this post

the first picture was taken with my Nikon and the others taken with Blackberry. See the different? Go buy Nikon too.... :)

Leehom's pictures as Nikon's endorser
More pictures at: Leehom's Nikon Special site.

The 90 Degree Bows

I shed tears seeing these...
How can I not love Leehom?

More pictures at Our Home China

Shanghai World Expo 2010 - News Clip

Leehom's performance at Shanghai World Expo 2010, Jun 16.

There were some discussion about his eyebrows... I just don't get it. What's wrong with his eyebrows?
Arrggggh!! Wish I understand Chinese :(

Touching Moment

Taken from Beijing World Expo 2010, while performing with Taipei's orchestra. Aaaawwww..... so sweet.

Fans who took this said that Leehom bowed 90 degree to every direction, thanking the fans who had come to the show.

credit: Our Home China

Shanghai World Expo Performance

As scheduled, Leehom performed at Taiwan Pavillion at Shanghai World Expo 2010, Jun 16.

Some fans from Our Home China went there and took pictures. They said, Leehom sang 4 songs: I Smile When I See You, Wei Yi, Last Night and Fang Kai Ni De Xin. Hope the youtube clips will be up soon.

All pictures credit to: Our Home China

Grey Hair

When the years fade away and turn your hair to grey,
I'd still love you the same way as it is today...

picture credit to : Our Home China

Love in Disguise Media Kit

 Wow.. impressive! I didn't know that they gave away 15 pages Media Kit on the Press Conference. I remember doing some Press Conferences for my company to launch new products, but we gave the media people like only 2 pages of Press Release and some brochures... so boring. LOL! We gave each of them cool souvenirs, though.

Hope I can find the English translation of the kit.

and, look at picture no. 12 .. aaaahhh melting......
I'd love to have it at my bedroom wall!!!

all pictures credit to: Our Home China

Leehom in Disguise

According to the Dictionary, DISGUISE means:

1. to change the appearance or guise of so as to conceal identity or mislead, as by means of deceptive garb
2. to conceal or cover up the truth or actual character of by a counterfeit form or appearance; misrepresent: to disguise one's intentions.

1. something that serves or is intended for concealment of identity, character, or quality; a deceptive covering, condition, manner, etc
2. the makeup, mask, costume, or overall changed appearance of an entertainer

And these were some of the "disguises" that Leehom did in "Love in Disguise"

onleehom 王力宏 | TNB