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Still Love You - 2 Min Version

What can we get from a 2 minute show? Pretty much a lot, I think. The length of the song is 04:28, so this 02:01 almost tells all.

It's a nice MV, however I can't say that it's the best of Wong Fu productions. I was really curious when I read the overwhelmed reaction from everybody everywhere right the moment it was confirmed that Wong Fu will work with Leehom for the MV. I didn't know who is Wong Fu. So I began to surf.

I started from their youtube channel and found out that these 3 guys are extremely refreshing and talented.

So, I was putting my expectation up up above the clouds ... Well, the idea of using that frame was unique and fresh, Leehom nailed some of the scenes with his smiles, as usual. But something was missing. I didn't find my self "WOW" like when I saw the Open Fire MV. To me, it looks like another "Forever Love", "Kiss Goodbye" or "Everything". His "Falling Leaf Returns to Root" and "Heartbeat" are better.

I dont think Wong Fu top their David Choy's MV.
It's one of the sweetest MV I have ever seen. Brilliant!

Tell me what you think?


joelliea said...

I like the song. Refrein melody is similar to "Tong Hua" though.

Salamiah Endut said...

gosh! this is sooo random but my heart just couldn't stop thinking that this song is STILL dedicated to Mary Bai.. hmmm

Emajanti said...

i really dont think so. He's over her long long time ago.

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