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My Yellow Green Red

which one suits him best? and which color suits me best?
go to this post if you're wondering what it is about Yellow, Green, Red


is related with sunshine, pleasure, and optimism. That's what Leehom is for me. period.

is associated with environment, health, refreshment. I am not an environment-safer kind of person. I even thought of replacing our meal set at home with stereofoam everytime we dont have maid. Haha!

is the color of blood. It describes life and bravery but it may also indicate a danger. Oh yeaaa! too much Leehom is totally dangerous. LOL!

my sunshine....

my refreshment

my menace


thanks to ourhome china for some of the pictures


juljin said...

Our dear Yellow-Green-Red <3 <3 <3 Hehehe...

Emajanti said...

He so is. Always.

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