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Yellow - Green - Red

If you're wondering why suddenly the header was changed to that colorful traffic light... well, it's not only because I felt a little bored with grey, but also I wanted my blog to look more alive. When we're in love.. our life is supposed to be more colorful, rite?

And, I have just found out an interesting fact about Wang Leehom name. I dont know how accurate my thought was, but let's give it a shot.

The pronunciation of Wang Lee Hom in Chinese is almost similar to the meaning of those 3 colors:

Huang ==> Yellow
Lu       ==> Green
Hong   ==> Red

Another proof?

Stay tune, I may have the inspiration to find out why Leehom can be my personal Traffic Light.

The picture of "HOM" Signboard above is credit to Our Home China


Anonymous said...

just like a McDonald commercial that lee hom did...the kids yelling wang lee hom many times...and he thinks that those kid are his fan..but they went to eat mcdonald...

onleehom 王力宏 | TNB