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Leehom Facebook's Chat

On Jul 23, 1030PM (Jakarta Time) Leehom had a live chat on his Facebook with his fans.

I didn't plan to write this. But hey.. I have a blog, rite? And a blog means to share what I experienced... which was not much.. lol. So let's skip all the pre-chat.. and go directly to 10.30PM minus 3 hours... this part was important, coz I was so grateful that I had nice friends who're willing to wake me me to join the chat. Thank you and love you, friends :))

And I'm not gonna put what he wrote, you can easily go to his facebook and read them yourself. I thank you to Leehom for writing them in English, so I don't have to use "my beloved" Google Translator. lol.

I only had a few interesting parts to share... well, if you dont find them interesting, at least you know they were.... to me.

1. my friends and I were having fun at our own YM chat during the live chat with Leehom. Susi, Julia, Rebecca, Devi (who didn't comment anything coz I guess she's not Leehom's fan), and me. It was funny that Susi, whom I thought to be the biggest Leehom fans compared to the others, suddenly wrote: "I got to go for a shower." OMG ... she didn't care what Leehom would write next not even care whether Leehom was still gonna be there when she finished the shower. It's so Susi. Logic comes first. Or... could it be that she wanted to smell good during the chat. HAHAHAHA....

2. It was fun, because all I did  was just pressing F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 on his wall. LOL. Of course I posted a few too, but I knew this time he will not reply to any of us.

3. I got a fan.. well at least that's what I thought so.. coz he gave his thumbs to 2 of my posts. LOL. When I took a peek on his FB wall.. he's from Memphis, Tennessee. I don't remember I have a friend who live that far.... :D

4. Now, come to the most important part. Leehom shares a 49sec of his new song! "All the Things You Never Knew", that's the title. It was soooooooooo (I can add to more than a million "o", but my blog will look ugly, lol)... ooooooo beautiful. I really can't describe how I love the new song sooooooo (here we go again, lol) oooo much! And lucky me, I have downloaded the song immediately, coz after the chat Leehom deleted it. I was smart, wasn't I? heuheueheuee.... I know somebody else, especially the China fans.. would just uploaded it right away, which they already had - I've checked.. but I chose to respect Leehom's decision and I will not share it in public. If you want it, just email me.. okay?

About the song... I'm still flying on high clouds enjoying the song... it was soooo (ok, enough! lol) beautiful. It doesn't sound like Leehom singing a chinese song to me. The soft sad voice, the melody... sounds so sad.. It sounds like Leehom singing in English. It's soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo (haha) beautiful.

So looking forward to his album. So looking forward to his movie. I think this year is gonna be a great year for Leehom and his fans. Love him soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo (ROTFL) much!!


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