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Cosmopolitan Wedding, Aug 2010

Cosmopolitan, China Aug 2010

I imagined someday Leehom is gonna marry a beautiful woman who is smart and hot. I can't think of this pretty Ms Liu YiFei to be his bride. I dont know.. I just think there's no chemistry between them. Hope they can proof me wrong in "Love in Disguise".

And for the record, I still love the idea of Leehom and SuQhi together.. they will be one perfect couple. But whoever he is marrying someday.. hope he can live a happy life with her.

These are not my fave pictures of Leehom but I think he made a sexy messy groom. My fave was the last picture. I love the gentle hair-kisses and Leehom's eyes there. I got this wild thought looking into that eyes, looked like he said to me: "I bet you want to be her". Yes, of course! Who the hell in the world doesn't!!


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