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Leehom at Usher Concert

Beijing, 11 July 2010

Leehom did a short performance, sang "Wei Yi" together with Usher, and half part of "OMG" chorus. However... Leehom did look gorgeous and more handsome than Usher... haha lol! of course I'm biased... forgive me.

It's very hard to find the video of their performance in youtube, I only found very few. I saw some fans recorded clips at Our Home China, but I don't know how to transfer them here... so I just pasted the links below.

More video:  Vid 1Vid 2

Some pictures of the Yellow and Blue battle that night.


Anonymous said...

heres a clip when he came into for OMG

Emajanti said...

Thank you! :)

onleehom 王力宏 | TNB