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Leehom as Annihilator

Leehom has always been my superhero. He never fails to save me. He's my sunshine in my rainy days, and my moonlight in my darkest nights... He's my other heaven, my wei yi.... Wohooooo.. okay! stop all the cheesy parts and get to the point. Well, the point is .. all I said is true. haha.

When I read the news that he will be playing as one of the superhero characters, I went gaga. O yeaa! I love Superman, Spiderman, Batman and Hercules! I can't help it... I tend to fall in love with handsome fictional characters.. like Clark Kent, Dao Ming Shi, Edward Cullen, Damian Salvatore, Christian Grey, and even Poo the cute Panda.. LOL!

No doubt, this Annihilator movie will bring him to higher WW stardom. He can continue his music mission and conquer a wider world, the W-POP. But.. but.... I love Leehom not as a fictional character. I love him for what he is... a super genius and super handsome musician. I love him for his real music.

That's why even I went gaga for this big opportunity for him, and I am so happy for it, ... I was not as gaga as when I heard his new song or new album. He has been busy recently doing MM2 concert tours, filming My Lucky Star with Zhang Ziyi (see the trailer here), and shooting Cyber with Chris Hemsworth, Holt McCallany, and Tang Wei...but so far no progress on his new album. He posted some updates on his facebook that he's working on it.. but I guess... we'll have to wait just a little bit longer for his new album....

Now, while waiting.. let's see if Leehom will kick some *ss when he finally is the "annihilator"

This picture has been around since the first confirmation that he got the role. I don't mind seeing him in that "costume" but he needs extra work on the muscles.

on the jumping and kicking.. he's a master already. In fact, he modified it with some splits. LOL!

First, he jumped high holding the torch in his right hand

then.. the torch moved to his left hand and ...
in the next second it went to his right hand... again.

Leehom's Triangle Hair

Leehom was with new and different hair style during his MM concert tours recently. I just don't get it...  why he's still looking so good in this un-usual triangle hair... *sigh...*

These pictures are addition to my old collection of his hair styles.

onleehom 王力宏 | TNB