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Leehom "Cuts The Strings" with the help of Mayday's Ashin

Leehom Wang’s latest track “Bo Ya Cuts The Strings (伯牙絕弦)” marks his second collaboration with Ashin of Mayday after "Beside the Plum Blossoms" in 2005. The song was inspired by the famous story of Bo Ya and Ziqi (伯牙與子期) from the Spring and Autumn Period (春秋時代). Leehom had wanted to pen the lyrics himself, but after three days without any sleep or lyrics, he went to Ashin for help. Leehom was apparently so satisfied with the results that he called Ashin a “Genius Contemporary Lyricist”!

In the lyrics of "Bo Ya Cuts The Strings", it described the meeting of musician Bo Ya with his listener Ziqi, in which the latter could understand his music like no other. As the song title suggested, Bo Ya cut the strings off his guqin (a string instrument) after he found out Ziqi has died. The story resumed a thousand years later with the musician playing his melody again, dedicating it to the one who truly understands him.

The story of Bo Ya and Ziqi was also incorporated into Leehom's movie Love in Disguise. He played the role of Bo Ya, while costar Crystal Liu played Ziqi, along with his song "Bo Ya Cuts The Strings" as the movie's theme. In the music video, Leehom transforms himself into a modern day "Bo Ya" who travels back in time in search of "Ziqi". Unfortunately Crystal Liu was busy filming a new film at the time, so the production team found a lookalike that has long hair and plays the Guzheng. But on a closer look, she actually looks more like Sandrine Pinna than Crystal Liu.

Source: Cpopaccess

The official MV

personal note:
Even I've watched the MV, twice ok... I still don't get it. If Leehom is BoYa then why did the lady who cut the string... LOL! Yeaa I usually slow... ahahaah, maybe after a couple of watching. But I really love to see Leehom playing that GuQin. I hope Leehom will post the Vid on his youtube channel and put the English Sub, as usual.


yuukinohanashi said...

can I know, where can I get his song?

Emajanti said...

Hi Yuuki,
it's from Leehom's newest album "18 Martial Arts". All songs in the album are awesome.. it's worth to buy :)

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