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Leehom VS Stallone

I always love people who are not afraid of making fun of themselves, laughing at themselves.. to me, that is sexy! And I was not surprised if Leehom is one of them, coz he's just "adorkably sexyyyy" .... yaaayy! I invented new English word. LOL!!

His movie "Love in Disguise" was doing really very well on the first week since it's launched. He's thanking fans and joking that he has to "fight" against Stallone's Expendables this weekend, hopes fans will still support A-De (his character in LID). Niceee ..... and I think it's really him who did the PS! LOL!!

I read there will be some spoofs in Love in Disguise, that he's doing it against himself or against others. Like for example: the gay gossip, the paparazzi, and Du Ming Han doing a toilet's paper ads. I read that he's making fun of celebrities who accept any jobs even a ridiculous one.

Ummm.... btw. I can't really imagine Leehom with a body like that...  uugh! He's better not because he will not be able to move and dance nicely while singing. He won't be able to stand on on one hand either (like he used to) .. the body is too  heavy. And his giant fingers may not be used to play guitar or violin or piano. Maybe just a drum. lol! But on the other hand.... I think it will benefit him. He will not need bodyguards anymore. ahahaaa.. Crazy crowd who are trying to pinch him will get nothing but a stony muscle.

Source: Leehom's FB


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