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Leehom Won A Nobel Prize for the MOST ATTRACTIVE MAN 2010!!

When I found the title, I almost jumped off my chair! As if there's even a Nobel Prize for the Most Charming Celebrity, LOL.

The official announcement

The honor of being the winner

The "gaga" all over the continents:
Pls note: for ASIA, I think we will need the whole web to proof.

some jealousy from other male celebrities, of course :)

and Wang Leehom's reaction for the Award he won:

It's pretty hard to fully understand the article as it's in Chinese and Google translated whatever they wanted to translate, but yeaaa... JOKE is a universal language, just like music ... we can laugh at something we dont quite understand. So.... HAHAHAHAHAHA ...

Congratulation Mr. Wang Leehom. If there is such an award, you surely deserve it!

read the full article here 


onleehom 王力宏 | TNB