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Love in Disguise Free Gimmick

I have just browsed Our Home Singapore and found out that they are offering a beautiful handbag hanger exclusive for fans club members who preorder Love in Disguise DVD which will be out sometime in September... and I just want it sooooo bad! The preorder ends today :(

But..... I am  a die hard fan who's fighting and striving to get the best collection of my idol (those within my budget, of course LOL!) So, I've sent them an email and surprised! .. They replied me pretty quick like less that an hour. 

So, here I am declaring myself that I officially become one of the owners of that beautiful gift. Ho ho ho ...

As my friend complained about Leehom's picture in the comment, here was it coming from. Not so bad, rite?


joelliea said...

to be honest, it's a beautiful gift. but the picture .. eww!! couldn't they choose better one?

Emajanti said...

to be honest too.. I love the picture... but that's not a surprise. I love everything about him and u know that too. LOL!

I uploaded the original picture of where that was coming from.

Anonymous said...

Any idea when the dvd's released???

Emajanti said...

Soon. I heard it will be on end of Sep. But i still can't find it in

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