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What Can't Leehom Do?

28 Jul, 2010

Leehom visited hitFM to promote his new album as their Hito Star of Aug. His new album, I don't know the official English name for it yet, some say it's "To Be Versatile" but others say it's "18 Martial Arts". Actually, I think both names can compliment each other well, as in a recent interview published by China Daily (don't worry.. I guarantee it's accurate coz it's in English, hehe). He said "I just want to be a versatile artist"

"The 18 Martial Arts" describes that he can do many things... singing, composing, producing, directing, acting, dancing (huh?), playing music instruments... and many others. But is cooking also one of his 18 Arts??

It could have tasted just like normal sunny side up eggs, but ouch! what has Chef Leehom poured too much into it??? LOL!  I enjoyed every second of his expression, especially the one when the stove was suddenly off... it's so priceless..

He definitely can't cook, he needs a woman who can.
I can.. but I'm taken.. sorry... *bwhahahaa......*


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