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I'm Bored; Where's Leehom?

Not that Leehom is MIA again... coz his schedule is unbelievable!! Look at below ...

hope he has all the strength and health to do all of those and gets 1 month break afterwards. I need him to be chubby again.. LOL!

No wonder he said that many times he forgot in which city he woke up in the morning.. ummm.. not always in the morning I guess. I bet he stayed awake till almost dawn, and woke up at noon. But from recent article, I found out that actually Leehom can easily fall asleep in less than 3 minutes ... anywhere!

on the last picture: "Thank You, Leekai .... "

Leehom answered fan's question in an event in Singapore (Brand Anniversary) that "LOVE WHAT YOU DO" was the thing that has kept him motivated. His brother Leekai said, he'd be happy if he can have half passion of what Leehom has toward his music.. Love and Passion to what we do, to our work, to our job.. will give us strength to persistently give the best and Love and Passion will also make us happy during rough times. I believe him.

Then, I guess I don't love blogging that much. I have many things to write and to share, but I just don't know why I'm too lazy to start. Not that I didn't update myself about Leehom from the internet, I have spent hours reading Our Home China, as it's the only most updated site on Leehom, and I don't mind getting lost in translation there.. LOL! I have been saving so many recent pictures, some are just priceless like these:

I have even downloaded 170MB of MusicMan ChongQing concert that turned out to be useless. Very bad quality .. but at least I can watch him playing Guqin live!

But I'm still bored.
I need to find Leehom, can somebody help me??


sushi said...

you're joking right ? smack right in the middle :))

Emajanti said...

ahahaa... I spent minutes to find him without my glasses, but yeaa.... I once told my friend that I think I can smell his presence from miles away, no need eyes... bwahahaa... :P

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