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Leehom and Bed Scene

I now understand why the song "Need Someone by Yourside" is favorite to many fans. The lyric is about loneliness, so I guess fans really relate the whole meaning of the song with Leehom's life. I have mentioned here that this song is my least fave song in Leehom's new album. However, Leehom loves it so much that he decided to do something extraordinary in the MV!

When I said Leehom and extraordinary... would you ever think of "S-E-X"?

Well, I believe most of Leehom fans didn't think that far beyond. Leehom's image for all these 15 years of his music career is a "sweetheart". No scandalous gossip except for that "gay" and "ShuQi" rumors which no media can ever show any proofs. Not sure whether he is every girls's desire of a boyfriend, but I bet with all of my money in my wallet (hahaah) that he is every mothers' dream of a son-in-law.

In my eyes as a fan, oh yeaaah.. I do have a confession to make, he is a cute fun loving person, but in the eyes of a woman (me *shy*), he is just not that "hot" enough. Is it because I have never seen any "scenes" of Leehom doing some "stunts"? The most daring stunt he goes was his short close up kissing scene with Liu Yifei in "Love in Disguise". But I still didn't think it's hot enough :P Compared to Tom Welling's kissing in Smallville, Leehom looks so amateur. ahaha..* Gosh! I still feel dizzy after watching the clip heuehuee....*

Then this MV is out today!
It's only 2 mnts, but has turned my whole world upside down. Leehom.. in my eyes, has transformed himself to "the object of my fantasy". LOL! Still a bit skinny but he definitely looks so mature, manly and HOT!!

Aaaand, I got these pictures which are not in the 2 mnts clip. I guess they will be in a full version of the MV that is sold together with a commemorate edition of the 18 Martial Arts album. To buy, visit YESASIA.

uh-oh ... where am I? who am I? what am I?
*dizzy - faint - dead*


joelliea said...

I sense censorship =).

emajanti said...

china version maybe. but TW version.. nay, definitely not ;p Should I buy the commemorated package?

Rebecca said...

ou ou ou... can't breath .. LH looks soo hot in those bed scenes ... i remember the April Snow where there are many bed scene between BYJ and Son Ye Jin ..

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